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  1. If you're hellbent on destroying any reputation you have within the legal community this is a great way to start. Msk2012 has a point.
  2. I would wager that whoever is doing this read Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince and is motivated by self interest. They are just trying to take out the competition so they land the best job. In some way I admire their relentlessness but god I would not want to work with them lol.
  3. Well said. I'm pretty new myself but I was a bit taken aback by some of the rudeness I have seen in some threads. Totally uncalled for.
  4. I don't think this type of passive aggressive rudeness is warranted. The OP is simply trying to weigh the options available to them.
  5. I am not in law school but for what it is worth I know of a few people in their late 30s and early 40s who did the whole career change thing and have made it into law and medical schools. It can absolutely be done. Your age means you are bringing life experience and maturity to the table which is valuable especially in a field like this. Your current student loans should not be a barrier to getting a professional student line of credit. I definitely agree with FortifiedEight though just make sure it is something you really want. All the best to you and good luck!
  6. Sounds like something out of Catch Me If You Can haha
  7. I know as undergrad students we tend to obsess over our stats for med/law/dental/grad school or whatever but really your stats are top notch and at this point it's just a bit obsessive. You're pretty much guaranteed to get into any law school in Canada with those stats. Have a beer and relax.
  8. My recommendation is to study something you enjoy. I studied math and philosophy for example and my GPA is good. Studying something that you like will make getting better grades easier because you will actually want to engage with the stuff. Switching to something for an easy GPA is not a good idea and I have seen it backfire before because what people view as being "easy" subjects like psychology for example, can have more challenging upper level classes that may take you by surprise. They slack off thinking it will be a breeze and then wonder why they got a C- on the exam. And of course "ease" is subjective too. Figure out what your strengths are and pursue them.
  9. I think working in a decent/mid sized firm in a Canadian city like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, or Ottawa. I'm also curious what legal salaries in more rural areas might look like.
  10. I have heard this too but I have gotten different answers in regards to salary. Do most new lawyers make between 50-75k? How many years would you say it takes to get into the 6 figure salary range? 10 years? People have told me anything between 5 and 10 years is a good rule of thumb.
  11. Try to keep your head up :) It's normal to feel this way especially when you're new to something.
  12. What is the culture like at U of T law? Someone earlier mentioned it's very heavy on the "corporate" focus with many people aiming for Bay street, etc. Do you feel a lot of "competitiveness" in your class? Has that made making connections uncomfortable or difficult for you at all? Oh yeah and do you think it's worth applying with a 3.75cgpa and 164 lsat?
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