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  1. I'm doing very prelim research right now so nothing is set in stone. I'm a bit of a free spirit and have no major assets/not in a relationship/etc. holding me back so I could cast a pretty wide net if this is what I decide to do. I'm thinking of returning to BC to be closer to family so UBC/UVic/TRU are options (Especially TRU as I have family that live in the interior). Quite a few withdraws on the Dal record and my Ryerson record isn't like groundbreaking despite considerably higher grades so I may not even have the grades in the end haha. Just sussing through options. E: As a general application strategy if I had to pick: Schools in BC, Alberta & Ontario. I think going for schools that look at your best two years would likely be my best chance on getting in if I do end up applying.
  2. Good afternoon! I'm somewhat considering law school but considering how intense and rigorous it is I obviously don't want to commit unless I'm 100% sure it's for me. Would be interested in Immigration law or labour law if I follow through but anyway. I'm reading around and getting conflicting information on whether or not some courses I took at my first attempt for an undergrad would count towards the GPA calculation. I'm 25 now and in my third year of a BComm at Ryerson. Back when I was 18 I tried my luck at Dal and wasn't a very good student, but I managed to transfer over some electives and Macro/Micro Econ to my degree at Ryerson so I assume those would count in the calculation. Would the other courses I took at Dal count towards my GPA calculation as well? I don't think I ever got an A at Dal (Would need to look for a transcript lol) but I've gotten many A+/A/A- at Ryerson. All the best everyone
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