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  1. hahaha believe it or not, but med school is actually my top choice Im only applying to law schools as a backup since its easy asf to get in, and the lsat compared to the mcat is so easy
  2. I mean i did do well on the lsat logic practice tests... so tbh it doesnt matter whether you think i am flaws in my arguments or not lmaoo. Stats and ECs are the things that matter most to law schools. They're the ones judging me- not you lol
  3. Aight welp, all I wanted to know what what type of stats id need to get in for uofC law as a 3rd yr, and I wasnt able to get any help from anyone who commented here. Luckily for me, someone who got into uofC law as a 3rd year pmed, and told me a 3.85+ and 165+ on the lsat is competitive enough to get into uofc law as a 3rd yr.... they actually got in with similar stats. So I will be applying to all ontario schools (whom accept 3rd yrs), as well as UBC, and UofA/UofC Law schools in 3rd yr.! I will not be responding to any more comments of anyone here, and im sorry if anything i said triggered arts majors (just stated what all my upper yr friends in STEM have told me) So good luck to the rest of you guys applying to law schools.... hope yall do well whether you are applying as a 4th, or 5th yr, or as a 3rd yr like me! Best of luck
  4. heheh i loved that portion on the lsat surprisingly I agree that for some people science may be easier... i just gave the example of me and my friends in upper years. There were a couple essay writing courses that ik upper yr arts major thought were hard, but my friends in 3rd yr took them and got A+ For us, an arts degree overall is way easier And im just saying there is a reason why the stereotype of an art degree being easy asf exists
  5. haha my bad- i wrote fast.... but i meant arts courses as electives. Like the degree arts student have to take is literally composed of courses science students use as GPA boosters Sorry if im offending you, this is just my opinion
  6. I didnt get a 170 on the lsat. I did on a practice diagnostic, and 169 actually..Which is a good score, but not the best anyways, so this isnt even impressive. And what flaw in my logic? I said science students have to go through tougher schedules/semester, and the fact that i did well on the lsat diagnostic (as a 17 yr) - a test that most pre-law students (who are arts majors have to go through) makes sense I did super well
  7. ahaha no need to that... i dont consider myself an overlord either just cause im in a harder degree- everyone has their own skills and such....what i find easy- you may find hard, and vice versa My biochem courses are ten times harder than all the arts courses imo- so not saying your degree is worse- just that in my personal opinion (and according to the stereotype of arts students) arts is rly easy to get good grades is. All my friends in upper yr sciences are struggling to get 3.5 gpas in sciences, but have had all 4.0s/A+ in the Artsdegrees they've taken as electives
  8. i mean not saying arts is super easy- but compared to engg or biochem, its a walk in the park (atleast for me) And most upper yrs ive talked to in sciences said that they wish they could do a arts degree to get an easy 4.0 Then again, you are right.... i havent experienced all arts courses and all that.... but this is just what most upper yrs have told me about the reputation of arts and all Sorry if ive offended you lmao... i guess it depends on person experiences too, but for someone like me... arts is much easier
  9. ahahaha- i dont think id consider myself an overlord due to STEM Id just say im in a harder degree Well nice talking to you folks haha I still havent learned much about aplying to uofC as a 3rd yr.... however i am still planning on applying to other schools as a 3rd yr.... and i guess uofC too- i dont have much to lose by trying ahaha thanks guys
  10. lmaoo im not saying im a genius Just said that its pretty common amongst uni students that fine arts is much easier than STEM this aint even a debate lol
  11. So not even B2? Just 20 highest- regardless of summer or spring right. Damn thats actually easy asf to get into ryerson then
  12. well they arent wrong. A stem degree is way harder than a fine arts degree. There is a reason why arts majors get shit on so hard lmaoo. I have a few arts courses as electives, and they are easy asf compared to my science courses
  13. I did a practice diagnostic with no prep whatsoever and got a 169..... as a 17 yr old, so I am really confident in my abilities And most of the schools im interested in view 3rd yrs and 4th yrs equally- so applying as a 4th yr would not make things easier. If my grades are fine in 3rd yr- ima apply. Im actually writing the lsat the summer before 2nd yr- just cause im applying to UofA as a 2nd yr.... i know two people who got in as 2nd yrs, and im confident ill have similar if not better stats. I do appreciate the honestly, thanks!
  14. Being competitve as a 3rd yr for uofC is my main question. For most other schools, being a 3rd yr or being a 4th yr doesnt impact anything- and im confident ill get into those schools as a 3rd yr. My only question had to do specifically with applying to uofC as a 3rd yr..... anything extraneous isnt really helpful
  15. im in a stem degree- and i really dont want to do a 4th yr- as that is when thesis and all that is due, and have to pay another yr of tuition Based on my research getting into all the schools i listed (except for uofc) as a 3rd yr isnt overly difficult (3rd yr apps arent viewed any differently than 4th yr) And additionally, im betting my grades/gpa (CGPA) will be a lot higher as a 3rd yr applicant, because i want my first yr grades to be included in my GPA- and L60 would not include those if i applied in 4th yr.
  16. I'm very confused how this grading system would work. Basically if i had 20 courses with a 4.0 in my entire degree, my gpa would be calculated as 20 courses? So could i use 5 courses from each yr of undergrad (assuming I had a 4.0 in atleast 5), and id have a 4.0 correct?
  17. Well im applying to all the others schools i mentioned anyways in 3rd yr So theres no point waiting one yr just for a single school you know.
  18. I know the average gpa of UofC acceptees is a 3.6-3.7, so if im above a 3.85.... i feel that should be competitive enough. And honestly i cant wait an yr- im only applying to law schools in 3rd yr (ubc, uofA, and a few ontario ones- that do commonly take in 3rd yrs), so I dont have the opportunity to wait
  19. Basically if i applied as either a 2nd yr or a 3rd yr, would they look at my marks the yr i applied? If i applied as a 2nd yr- they would look at my first yr marks to give me an initial offer...... then I assume they would give me a conditional offer (and I would have to make sure my grades in 2nd yr would be maintained- for a final offer to be given)? Can someone clarify if this is how it works? And if i applied as a 3rd yr- my 1st and 2nd yr grades would be used for an inital offer- and i would have to maintain my 3rd yr grades at a certain standard?
  20. I know UofC rarely accepts 3rd yrs (but they still do). I know getting an offer as a 3rd yr, indicates you have extremely competitive stats/ ECs. I'm just curious how stellar my stats would need to be to get in as a 3rd yr? *PS please nobody tell me to wait till 4th yr or finish undergrad- cause I am applying to multiple schools across Canada as a 3rd yr (and UofA as a 2nd yr), so regardless, i'm most likely not finishing my undergrad.
  21. Assuming I applied to UBC in third yr- they would look at my first two yrs (for an initial conditional offer) correct? What would the conditional offer requirements be? Would i need to maintain a certain GPA in 3rd yr? Or does UBC not even look at yours the year you apply?
  22. Just wondering if any one else who sees this knows how common it is for a BSc/Bkin student to get admitted to law school? I know getting good grads in a BSc is a bit harder, but i dont expect law schools to actually compensate for that or anything. Just wondering if a BSc would be a disadvantage in any way?
  23. Wondering if any have any required courses they want you to take?
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