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  1. Exactly mate Im not sure why some people are getting so triggered that i value diversity
  2. Nowhere did I mention I am ONLY limiting myself to diverse places. I just said I have a strong preference for diversity, which is why I am trying my best to go to a diverse school. I totally understand what you're trying to get at tho
  3. I was stressing the importance of not being the only POC (a school with hispanics, blacks, etc... is amazing imo). Note how I said bonus points for brown/desi people- that was something additional, but if im at a school that is extremely diverse (where I am the only desi person) thats still fine by me haha
  4. Yeah we hold completely different views, which is totally fine.
  5. Not at all, but I highly value diversity (as a brown person), and would not want to be in a school where im the only POC
  6. Oh yes, totally right interacting with people of all kind is super important. I was just stressing the important of a school where im not the only person of color, and a sizeable desi population would be the icing on the cake
  7. Haha, I totally agree with you, which is why diversity is so important- hearing from people of various different cultures. I said bonus points with brown/desi people, as I feel super comfortable with them, but diversity regardless (not just brown, but asian, black, latino, etc...) i fabulous. I was just stressing the importance of a school with a large person of color population
  8. haha I was actually guessing those schools as well given how diverse Toronto and Vancouver are. Happen to know about uofc or uofa, i know alberta has a diverse population as well
  9. Honestly, its not just schools, but a city that is super diverse where i want to practice. Diversity is extremely important to me as a person of color (if you're white- obviously you wont understand why I value diversity or not), but I do understand what you mean by not confining myself
  10. Yeah thats what I guessing as well. Cities like Vancouver, Toronto which are extremely diverse probably have schools with a lot of diversity as well. Thanks so much!
  11. Diversity has been, and always will be important to me. I'm not sure why you think this would severely limit my options. Going to a school with a sizeable person of color/minority population, as well living in a city with these factors are extremely important to me.
  12. hahaha exactly this, if someone isnt a person of color, they have no way of knowing why I value diversity so much!
  13. Because as a person of color, I feel more comfortable in places, where Im not the only brown person. This is 2020 mate, diversity is extremely important to me.
  14. As a brown person/minority, its super important for me to attend a school with a lot of diversity. Just wondering what schools are the most diverse? Bonus points: if a decent brown/desi population
  15. Let me expand... Yes, law school is my backup, because it is significantly easier to get into than med school. Also I apologize for saying law school is so easy to get into- i just said that in haste, and I understand that everyone works hard, and getting in should not be undervalued. I just meant competitively law is much easier, but still not a joke ofc Also the 169 diagnostic was legit- i did it the summer b4 starting first yr... Additionally i did exaggerate when i said i didnt try, i meant moreso I didnt do any prior prep, like get any books or services or anything That was my first crack ever at anything lsat related, and thats how i did. Also, based on my research and the grades im expected to get this semester (obv ik i could die of covid tmrw and none of this would be relevant), but schools like uofa, ryerson, western, etc... commonly have people getting in with 3.6-3.7s and high 150 lsat scores, so I am genuinely confident I can get into those, as im projected to be closer to a 3.9-4.0 (based on my past completed credits and such). I am genuinely sorry for my wording to everyone in this thread, as I shouldnt have acted so cocky. I just wanted to mention that I was confident in my abilities for those schools, and UofC law school was the only school i was worried about I hope yall understand
  16. dude if you wanna pm me- i can show you my transcript and my grades in all my arts courses- i can back up everything and tbh i aint writing an essay lmao- why would i try and worry about grammer here Also english aint even my first language
  17. hell nah, why would i do an arts major- id be the laughing stock in my friend group Plus my parents wouldnt want me doing an arts degree. In my country only ppl who arent smart enough for STEM do arts degrees...... ex: you need 90s to get into my stem degree, but only 70s for arts. Arts aint reputed lmaoo Im not worse at bcem- bcem is much harder than any arts course in my opinion I have thought about switching into an arts degree- since i know that would be an easy 4.0, but i care about job prospects/med school too, so an arts degree would be shit in that category
  18. Yeah I completely agree with what you're saying. Difficulty is subjective on the person. All i said was for me and some of the friends i know in sciences, arts courses are insanely easy for us. But then again, thats a small sample size So i guess the confusion in this thread was that i was saying an arts degree is easier than STEM for every person, which it is not. I just meant for me- arts courses are a walk in the park
  19. i mean i got an A- in biochem, and an A in every single arts course ive ever done lmaoo The stereotype exists for a reason
  20. hahaha believe it or not, but med school is actually my top choice Im only applying to law schools as a backup since its easy asf to get in, and the lsat compared to the mcat is so easy
  21. I mean i did do well on the lsat logic practice tests... so tbh it doesnt matter whether you think i am flaws in my arguments or not lmaoo. Stats and ECs are the things that matter most to law schools. They're the ones judging me- not you lol
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