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  1. Thanks so much for the advices! Really appreicate it!
  2. Thanks! This dilemma is exactly why I am posting this thread now. Most volunteers application has closed and I didn't get in with those who can provide direct law-related experiences. I'd have to wait for 3L to apply for those clinics again. I am in a volunteer project now but it is more like supporting the local community instead of providing direct client intake or document drafting experience. And I totally agree with you about the explanation = excuse. I personally hated it whenever I think about how I might come up with " I didn't get in crim procedure this year because of XYZ". I think for me part of the reason is I like trial, or generally being on the podium speaking. Another reason is that I grow up in a society with very a different legal system(not exactly in a good way), and this difference is amplified in Criminal aspect.
  3. Hi Diplock Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify, when I say I did not get into the courses I wanted, it's mainly because I am a transfer student and most advanced crim courses are already full by the time I got my transfer offer. Basically I got whatever leftover courses I can find. Besides courses and volunteers, is cold emailing crim lawyers and offering working part time for free while at school a viable option at this time?
  4. Thanks Hegdis. I am actually very interested in literacy program. I didn't know about this until you mention it. I wonder, comparing to literacy programs aiming for teens and younger children who fall behind, would Adult literacy program be more relevant in terms of understanding marginalized group? Or are literacy program equally relevant? btw, Many thanks to your thread of how to become a Crim lawyer. It's really valuable information
  5. Hi. I am a 2L student in ON.I hope I can get some insight here. I've always had strong interest in Crim and it was one of the best course I did in 1L. However due to multiple reasons I did not get to choose many Crim-focus courses. My course selection in this year looks very generic now. I have advocacy and evidence, which is Crim related, but I also have other courses such as tax, business, family etc. To make things worse, I don't have meaningful EC right now. I had some family responsibilities in 1L so in order to be able to do well in study I did not participate in any EC. I applied this fall but did not get in the EC projects I wanted to(clinics/volunteers relates to Crim). I read many threads about Crim career on this forum and it seems most students who got into Crim after 3L had a lot of practical experiences from either clinic or internship since 1L. Honestly I don't know what should I focus on right now in terms of improving my chances for 2L summer job and articling.
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