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  1. Has anyone heard from the SCJ for London, specifically? (please put me out of my misery lol)
  2. The website says that each region conducts their interviews on different dates, so the other regions could be calling at other times, depending on what that date is. I'm not sure though!
  3. I also received a call from the Southwest region today for next week! Not sure if any other regions have been sent out yet. Good luck @rugz and thank you for the info @erinl2 !
  4. Not sure how useful this is since it was 2 years ago, but I received an email about the Dean of Law scholarship on February 27th, 2019. Last year, there was the issue with scholarships being sent out in error, so perhaps the 2019 timeline is more accurate. Hope that's helpful!
  5. Has anyone heard from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice or have any idea of timelines? Last year, someone posted on February 15th regarding interview invites in some regions, but I'm not sure if the application deadline was similar this year. Any insight is appreciated!
  6. I was admitted to Western in January of my cycle with a 159 and 3.77 CGPA/L2/B3 in my fourth year of undegrad. I wouldn't fret! :))
  7. I didn't-- I was holding out hope but I figured it was probably too late in the day. Congrats on getting your first choice!
  8. Got a call from the Crown Prosecution Service at 2:21. Any calls from McCarthy, Norton, or BD&P so far? good luck to everyone still waiting for a call!
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