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  1. I accepted for several different reasons. 1. This may be an unpopular opinion judging from some other comments that I've seen, but I felt like the Dean's welcome was genuine and I liked that faculty really focused on how they were going to support incoming students. I'm just finishing my undergrad at a university in BC that is all about preaching how great they are as a school, so it was refreshing to hear a school talk about catering to students versus basically telling incoming students how blessed they were to be accepted. 2. UofA was always my top choice when compared to other schools that I applied to. I do eventually want to move back to BC and practice here but when balancing things like cost, location, educational aims, and politics, UofA appealed to me the most. Also I like Edmonton, and it will be a good change of scenery. 3. This is purely petty reasoning but I appreciate that the admissions process wasn't dreadful (aside from the LSAT changes). Documents were acknowledged within a week, whereas some other schools have taken months to even add document to profiles or to process things. 4. Timing. I haven't heard back from 3/4 schools that I applied to, so accepting and shelling out the deposit was kind of my only safe bet. Edit: I spoke too soon on that last bit and just got accepted to my second choice. Safe to say I'll still be sticking with UofA though for all of the above reasons.
  2. Just to add to your speculation, the dean's welcome is on the 18th. Maybe there will be another wave in the coming days to accommodate that.
  3. My transcripts were in at the end of January and I uploaded my personal statement literally the day before the February deadline. My November LSAT score was acknowledged in mid December, and I'm not sure when my January score was received as the date on the portal was never updated to reflect that change.
  4. Valid point haha. I had basically set myself up to be disappointed because I wasn't sure how changes to LSAT considerations and the overall inflation in higher scores during this cycle were going to impact my chances.
  5. Accepted this morning via an email notification about a Launchpad update. I was expecting it to be about a rejection so I was surprised to say the least! L2: 4.0/4.0 LSAT: cancelled (August), 158 (November), 159 (January). Decent EC's but nothing special, BC resident. Will likely be accepting - UofA has been at the top of my list for quite some time!
  6. This is encouraging to hear! Would you mind sharing when LSAC sent your score to TRU?? I'm wondering how long it's taking TRU to process the scores as they come in.
  7. Thirding this sentiment. I had asked for references before submitting my application at the beginning of January but my letters both ended up being sent in the day before the deadline and now I'm stuck waiting for my LSAT score to be retrieved and updated (while praying that there isn't some sort of mass wave of acceptances while I'm in pending purgatory).
  8. Thanks! I figured they had our scores because mine was sent off by LSAC right after score release. I just wasn't sure if it mattered whether or not dates were updated on Launchpad. Weird that some people had their date updated but not others!
  9. Does this mean they won't necessarily update the date on Launchpad? I'm still waiting for mine to show that my January score was added, and my application still says "an updated status will be posted here when it is available" but I'm not sure if that's supposed to change when the file is complete or not.
  10. Also the same as above. TRU hasn't even requested my LSAT score yet.
  11. Did you end up getting a response after Courtney offered to check? Mine still hasn't updated and I'm quite impatient as well!
  12. Definitely! If you happen to contact UofA you should update with their response
  13. Mine hasn't updated either, but LSAC indicates that an updated report was sent last week. I wonder if UofA doesn't update the date to reflect a new score being received? I remember that my November score was processed very quickly.
  14. Thanks for the response! That does make me feel a bit better - seeing that lots of people have already been getting accepted while I'm still waiting on LORs has been kind of nerve-racking.
  15. Does anyone have any insight into how badly my chances will be impacted by an application that is completed at the last minute? I applied at the beginning of January and my transcripts were added shortly after, but my LORs are just being sent in today... They're both academic LORs (one will likely be very strong and the other will be good), and I requested them far ahead of time, but apparently both of my referees have a tendency to procrastinate. In addition to this, I'm waiting for TRU to request my January LSAT score, which I've heard won't happen until my LORs are accepted. Will this delay hurt my chances? For reference, my LSAT score is average for what I've seen in previous acceptances, but my L2 GPA is a 4.0.
  16. The messed up formatting on the BC Ed portal has been an issue for a while. You just have to submit it as it is, and once your TRU profile is created there will be a message asking you to resubmit your statement by emailing it as a PDF.
  17. Nope! This is my first time applying. I had taken the November test and indicated that I would be retaking in January when I applied, but no report has been generated on LSAC's site for either of those testing dates.
  18. TRU's application summary indicates a date that my LSAT score was received, but according to law school reports on LSAC TRU hasn't actually requested my score. Has anyone else experienced this? Does this mean that TRU hasn't yet requested my score, but for some reason they've marked it as complete? Thanks!
  19. Do you remember if you submitted your PS after the application deadline? I want to confirm that my PS counts as the additional documentation that isn't due until the February deadline.
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