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  1. I'm a language learner and autodidact in various other areas. I did a lot of self-study both in undergrad and while working after graduating. It's mostly fallen by the wayside in law school. I feel that in a strict sense I do have the time, but it's very hard to motivate myself to hit the books after a long day of hitting the books. If you're a very disciplined and high-energy person whose motivation switch is always in the ON position, it's definitely possible though.
  2. I'm from Victoria and I'm not nice 🤪
  3. Pros: Great climate. Tons of beautiful parks and beaches. Bar and restaurant scene is bad by world standards but good by Canadian standards, especially for the size. Very progressive and social-justice conscious, which is a pro if you like that kind of thing. Cost of living is high, but not on Vancouver's level. The pace of life is more relaxed. Cons: It's more of a small town than you'd think. The relaxed pace of life means outside downtown everything closes at 8pm. It's notoriously cliquey and a lot of people run with the same group from middle school til death, so it can be hard to break into the social scene as an outsider. Despite its self-image as a very social-justicey place, there's actually a gaping socioeconomic divide, to the point that different neighbourhoods have noticeably different accents. The homelessness and drug problem isn't Vancouver-level but it's still pretty bad. Overall it has its issues but it's still one of the most desirable places in Canada for a reason.
  4. Gotta say, one thing in this thread I absolutely cannot relate to is the idea that law school is "three more years of not being a full adult". I had way more money, way more free time, and way less responsibility working an actual job than I now do in law school. lol.
  5. Thanks everybody. You all came at this from different angles, all of which were helpful. I do plan on sticking it out at least until 2L, and I’ll come back to look at this thread when I get discouraged.
  6. Never been to one. Just not interested enough in the law to spend any more time studying/working on it than is required by my classes. As you can see law school for me was more of a calculated career move than me following my dreams. As a matter of fact there are a couple upper year courses at my school that I'm interested in. I'm glad the consensus is that 2L/3L are more fun. As far as reaching out to lawyers - I actually know a few, and they're all super passionate about the law qua law. As you can imagine, that actually makes me feel worse, lol. Anyway thanks for the replies so far guys ✊
  7. Sorry for the difficult to answer and possibly irritating question. This forum seems to have a lot of helpful people who are willing to talk things out with foolish law students so I figured I'd give it a shot. Basically I'm a 1L and am really not enjoying it. My intrinsic motivation level is zero. I've managed to more-or-less keep up with coursework through sheer force of will. But the idea of doing extracurriculars, going to networking events, connecting with legal clinics etc makes me want to vomit, so I've only been doing coursework. I was never really interested in the law qua the law, but I always liked things like analytic philosophy and politics, and the LSAT was the kind of logical thinking that I enjoy. So I figured that once I got into law school I'd find the course material at least somewhat interesting, but I just... don't. I keep getting caught between "yeah, it's school, it's not supposed to be fun" on one hand, and "if you hate it so much, maybe you shouldn't be a lawyer" on the other. Obviously you can't judge everybody's mental state from looking at the way the gunners behave in class, but I can't help but get the feeling that everybody actually wants to be here and really has their heart in it, except for me. There's also the fact that school is online this year, so I've been stuck in my apartment with practically no social contact. Obviously this is bad for one's mental state which may be clouding things. So yeah, I don't really know what kind of answer I'm expecting, but does anyone have any thoughts? Did anybody hate law school but like practicing the law? Did anybody initially hate law school but get into the groove it? Or at what point do I just cut my losses and stop going deeper into debt for something I don't like?
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