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  1. I actually did my undergrad in crim and initially thought I wanted to be a criminal defence lawyer when I first entered law school but I just don't know if its right for me. However, the firm I will be articling at doesn't do any criminal defence so I won't even have any experience post-articles. Would this be a huge barrier if I do end up deciding I would like experience working in criminal defence?
  2. So true! Everyone has their own path at the end of the day and no one is better than the other.
  3. Yes, you're absolutely right. It's very easy to compare yourself to older law students who seem to be so much more accomplished than you but they have also have had more time in their life to accomplish those things. Thank you for reminding me of this!
  4. The law firm said they are trying to expand their family law practice and I did express a specific interest in family law in my interviews so I I hope I will have some opportunities there. Unfortunately, they don't do any employment law
  5. Yes, you're totally right I just wish I had gone into law school with a bit more experience/a better understanding of my general goals!
  6. As a current 3L "K-JD" I have not enjoyed the law school experience as much as I thought I would. I often feel very overwhelmed and stressed because of the immense pressure I put on myself to have everything figured out. I did not know what area of law I wanted to practice in when I entered law school and as a result felt quite lost until recently. One of the main reasons I went to law school was because of the many different career paths I thought it would open up for me. However, I struggled finding work or even getting volunteer positions throughout law school and ended up accepting an articling position at a firm that does not practice in the areas I am passionate about because I need the job. I often wish I had took some time off in between my undergrad and law school to add to my resume because I feel like I missed out on the chance to get a summer/articling job I really wanted because I only had average grades and little practical experience. And unfortunately for me interviews are where I excel the most and when you don't have stellar grades and/or the same level of practical experience as many of your peers do you don't get many interviews! I don't want to say that I regret going to law school straight from my undergrad because I haven't even articled yet so my feelings may change once I have gotten some practical experience and feel more freedom in the profession but as of right now I do feel a bit disappointed in the overall law school experience.
  7. I am a 3L and felt this way even with school in person. However, I am at the finish line now and am grateful I stuck it out. You just have to remind yourself of why you are there and what you want to achieve. I would recommend reaching out to an upper year student at your school and asking for a basic rundown of everything law school or even writing down a list of questions and posting it in your schools fb group (I bet there are tons of other students feeling the same way). However, if you aren't comfortable doing that I would say you should book an appointment with your schools career counsellor and ask them any questions you have (that is why they are there after all).
  8. Thank you, it always feels better to have someone else reassure you! I will definitely be putting my best foot forward in my articling position/keeping an open mind but my heart is telling me public interest. I am very grateful to have secured an articling position, especially in light of Covid so I won't be taking it for granted.
  9. I did not get any interviews from the formal articling recruit and I was very very discouraged and thought I would never get an articling position. However, I had never really tried reaching out to firms/networking and as soon as I did one thing led to another and I got an articling position almost immediately (like literally within a week). If you are good at interviews/a social person I would recommend this approach!
  10. Thank you, that is very helpful information!
  11. Yes, I have done some legal and non-legal volunteer work to demonstrate an interest in these areas but I had no luck getting an articling position. I hope to volunteer with Access Pro Bono during my articles as well.
  12. I applied to over 50 different articling positions through the formal recruit and did not get a single interview. I was then able to get an articling position at a mid-sized firm through networking. This firm only practices in the areas of business law, real estate, family, and wills and estates. However, I really want to work in public interest with specific interests in mental health, disability law, human rights and constitutional law. I feel like I have just ruined my chances of pursuing a career in what I really want because I didn't have enough experience/good enough grades to get an articling position that I am really passionate about. Is there any hope of me being able to get a job more suited to my interests even if during my articles I am not gaining experience in those areas?
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