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  1. Congrats @FortifiedEight! I feel like I know you now 😂 You've been a helpful saint on this thread throughout this entire process!
  2. Definitely the one you're more passionate about. Worry about life after articling when it comes, my friend. Just get the experience and prime yourself for success during your articling year and I'm positive you'll be fine!
  3. How do we get in touch with our first choice firm if we don't have a contact number? Do we try emailing them (i.e. to tell them we have an offer but that your firm is my first choice)?
  4. Guys, I'm sorry for being so insufferable with my endless questions 😫 but how inappropriate do you think it would be to ask about a firm's articling salary via email? Or say when they call you with an articling offer? I forgot to ask during the interview -- and I just want to make sure that I'm making the most informed decision that I possibly can.
  5. Thanks so much for your response @retakelsat! I'm guessing the whole process would be over within the hour then? Do you think we should aim to make our decision within, say, a 30-minute time-frame?
  6. Does anyone know how exactly offer day (tomorrow at 5pm) works? What happens if your second choice calls you exactly at 5pm and you still want to wait to see if your first choice will call? Are you able to "hold" an offer -- or will the place move on to giving the offer to their next best candidate?
  7. Anyone have some insight aside from Zsa salary guide? Mid-size full-service firms to be exact.
  8. Thanks so much for you Thanks so much for your response Canuck. Does anyone here happen to know what the average articling salary is for Toronto-based in-house articling positions?
  9. Should we be emailing the places that haven't sent confirmations by they don't send anything by like Thursday afternoon?
  10. Has anyone received their confirmation emails from the City of Toronto yet?
  11. Anyone know what the salary is for first year associates at the City?
  12. Has anyone here interviewed with either Infrastructure Ontario or MAG - Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing? If so, what was your experience like? If you'd rather not share here feel free to send me a PM! Many thanks in advance.
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