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  1. Should we be emailing the places that haven't sent confirmations by they don't send anything by like Thursday afternoon?
  2. Has anyone received their confirmation emails from the City of Toronto yet?
  3. Anyone know what the salary is for first year associates at the City?
  4. Has anyone here interviewed with either Infrastructure Ontario or MAG - Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing? If so, what was your experience like? If you'd rather not share here feel free to send me a PM! Many thanks in advance.
  5. How do I sell myself to a leading insurance defence firm when I have literally zero litigation, moot etc. experience? I am not opposed to working in litigation, but most of my experience so far has been solicitor-type work. Am I doomed?
  6. Does anyone have any idea in terms of how many applicants firms/MAG branches tend to interview for their 1-3 spots?
  7. Any idea when confirmation emails reiterating interview times tend to go out?
  8. Does anyone know if the MAG branches generally only conduct one interview? Or, if things go well, do they usually conduct second rounds? And would it be shooting myself in the foot to do 8 interviews spread across Monday and Tuesday?
  9. Thanks so much for your response. Are booking second interviews for the Wednesday generally frowned upon?
  10. Guys, how do second interviews work in this 3-day process? What if a firm wants a second interview but you're completely packed for Monday and Friday with first interviews?
  11. Same. But then again I guess sending out like 600 PFOs is a lot of work if you're only planning on hiring like one student.
  12. Does anyone know if the order in which we schedule our interviews on the Monday matters to employers like they apparently did during OCIs? i.e. that you should schedule your first choice early in the morning to convey your interest?
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