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  1. The only hard data I've been able to find on this is the results of the Calgary 2L summer 2021 recruit on Ultra Vires: http://ultravires.ca/2021/03/calgary-2l-summer-2021-recruit-results-are-in/ Based on those numbers, USask has the third-best placement rates in Calgary after U of C and U of A (and ahead of UBC). So if there's no issue with returning to Calgary from UBC, then there's definitely no issue with returning to Calgary from USask.
  2. USask is a pretty good choice if you want to work in Calgary. Obviously UCalgary would be your best bet but USask comes third after U of C and U of A for Calgary placements (and you also have to keep in mind selection bias; USask is third for Calgary placements not because it's not as good as U of C or U of A, but instead simply because most of the class probably wants to stay in Saskatchewan and doesn't apply to Calgary to begin with). There's a strong presence of USask alumni in Calgary. If you don't get into UCalgary don't sweat it; going to USask won't hold you back in any way.
  3. Depends on where you want to work. USask is better for jobs in Saskatchewan and UCalgary is better for jobs in Calgary. I think UCalgary might have the slightly higher articling rate due to Calgary being such a large legal market, but it’s a marginal difference at best. Ultimately the biggest determinant of whether you get a job will be you as a student, not the school you went to.
  4. To follow up on my previous post, I forgot about Lakehead in Thunder Bay. Their average January high is -8°C, so the ranking of coldest law schools in English Canada would truly be: 1. U of M 2. U of S 3. Lakehead 4. U of A 5. Ottawa
  5. I think the coldest law school in English Canada would be the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, which averages a high of -11.3ºC in January. Second place would be the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, which averages a high of -8.8ºC in January. U of A in Edmonton would be third with an average January high of -6ºC. And then Ottawa is fourth at -5.8ºC. Flames fans and Oilers fans generally dominate their respective city, with a healthy sprinkling of expats in both.
  6. I can't really answer this to any other schools except for the three I applied to: U of A, U of C, and U of S, since those are the ones on which I did extensive research. I will say this: Sask's reputation for crim is well-founded, if the course offerings are anything to go by. There are far more crim offerings at USask than at either of the Alberta schools, and they actually offer them (i.e. they're in the current year timetable, so it's not like they're courses they say they offer but don't actually schedule).
  7. Go to Queens. You won’t miss out on anything. The hiring rates are identical, and the marginal differences aren’t worth giving up your preferred city.
  8. This was the guy’s quote: I really don’t see how it counts as “provocative and--in this case--frankly dumb shit.” I guess it’s controversial, as any argument with which people disagree technically is, but you can disagree and make counter arguments (the “pushback” you mentioned) without accusing the guy of being deliberately dishonest.
  9. Guys, quit dogpiling on @Rusty164. His point about there being a distinction between wanting a good return and feeling entitled to it is a valid one, regardless of whether or not you agree with it. It was unfair of @Rashabon to accuse him of being disingenuous, and it’s totally fair for him to disengage at that point. Frankly, the Internet (and this forum) would be a lot better place if more people were willing to disengage at the point where the mudslinging starts.
  10. Y'know, surprisingly it's been a really good thread so far.
  11. I mean, it's a tuition deposit, so it counts toward what you will pay anyway. Worst that can happen is you pay it and then U of A gets back to you with an acceptance (immediately afterward if the universe is in a cruel mood, but hopefully later), at which point you have a decision to make. Basically, $500 is the price of a guarantee that you will be going to law school. Saving it means you risk missing out and having to apply next year. You're the only one who can decide whether $500 is worth that guarantee, but seeing as you applied to the other school I can only assume that means you'd be happy to go there should you not get into U of A, so I don't see why you wouldn't (otherwise why would you have applied there in the first place?)
  12. Pay your deposit. The chance U of A gets back to you in 36 hours is not worth the risk of accidentally missing the deposit deadline due to some online transaction screwup and then not getting an acceptance.
  13. I don't know where to find the specific number, but in a meeting with the Dean he said it was above 90%. I'm pretty sure that's comparable to other law schools in the time of a pandemic, so I don't think it should be a huge consideration either way.
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