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  1. For the record, I scored a 166 on the LSAT which ended up being the 92nd percentile, so I imagine you'd need at least a 164 or 165 as TheMidnightOil said.
  2. I appreciate you answering! I actually emailed her about another question, but neglected to include this one because I read on the U of A admissions page after I created this thread that you're not supposed to upload your transcripts until your fall marks come in (admittedly, this still doesn't explain how fourth years were being admitted in December). Maybe they uploaded transcripts when they applied and then uploaded again after the fall marks came in? The impression I'm getting from their admissions page is that they'd prefer you wait, but clearly that didn't stop them from admitting some students so...?
  3. Phew, that's a relief. What you said prompted me to verify and it looks like U of C does it as well, which I'm thankful for (https://law.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/Admissions/GPA FAQs.pdf). I hope to be able to post in one! But I'm gonna keep working hard this fall semester, because I'm not taking anything for granted.
  4. This actually terrified me for a second. I vaguely recall reading that, but I thought that was only for CR grades; at the U of C CR grades were optional and I did fairly well so opted to receive my letter grades for all five classes. But alas, upon further research you are correct: U of A isn't counting any grades from Winter 2020, letter or CR. It turns out it actually doesn't seem to affect much; my Winter 2020 GPA was a 3.68, which is right around what my predicted L2 is already. I recalculated just to make sure and it looks like depending on how this Fall semester goes my L2 is still going to be somewhere between 3.71 and 3.76, so that's a relief. Just one more thing if that's alright: I saw a U of A Law FAQ from 2018/19 where they stated that if they need to go back midway into a semester they will count all the courses in that semester, so you can end up getting say 22 courses counted in your L20. Is this still the case? I hope so; Winter 2019 was my best semester by far and it'd be great if all those courses could be included.
  5. Ah, I must have missed those posts! Yeah, from reading the dramatic last-minute acceptance I just assumed that's where you ended up. UVic must be nice though; one of my cousins attended Pearson College UWC and went we went to Victoria out to visit her it seemed like a very nice city. it actually kinda reminded me of Saskatoon (obviously not in geography or climate, but the airport's basically identical and it seemed like it was a similar size). With any luck 3.5 years from now the economy should be better. In the meantime, I guess I have a decision to make! The one thing I comfort myself with is that I can't really go wrong - they all seem like fine schools and I have personal ties to all three cities. Maybe we'll run into each other if we both end up in Saskatoon one day!
  6. Hey guys, One of the things I noticed in the "Accepted 2020" thread is that it seems some people still in fourth year were getting accepted in December, before their fourth-year fall semester marks were finalized. This might be a factor for me as I expect my L2 GPA to increase significantly (like from 3.63 to 3.73) if my upcoming Fall 2020 marks are used instead of my Fall 2018 marks that would be used to calculate it prior to January. My basic question is does that mean I should delay my documentation until after my Fall 2020 marks are finalized? My basic worry is that I'd get accepted, but perhaps without a scholarship whereas I would perhaps get a scholarship were they to use my marks from Fall 2020. Do they reevaluate these things after the Fall 2020 marks are received? Peace and love, ~Chazz
  7. This is very reassuring. I've seen you a lot around this forum (I'm more of a lurker since I'm currently in the process of applying. Being anxious about my future, I'm reading pretty much every thread I can) and I'm consistently impressed with the way you're willing to give people advice. I also read your own admission story and knew exactly what you were referring to about your time sensitive U of S acceptance If you don't mind me asking another question, how do you like the U of S so far? Like I said, I'm pretty evenly divided among all three of the schools I'm applying to and could use some information to help me tiebreak
  8. I'm not sure how other universities do it, but the way it works at U of C is that if you drop it before the drop deadline it doesn't appear on your transcript and if you drop it after it's a W. I was under the impression that the latter was generally looked on negatively. But yeah, I'll definitely check. On myAU there's nothing under grades and nothing under courses so I think it's nothing, but I'll contact the schools I'm looking to apply to just in case. @PeterQuill Sorry for hijacking your thread.
  9. Were you in a position similar to mine? I'm doing my undergrad at the U of C and due to COVID one of the prereqs I needed for a course I wanted to take was cancelled. I tried to take the equivalent course through Athabasca, but dropped it the same day when I realized it wouldn't be complete in time for the fall semester when I needed it by. As a result I'm not sure if there'd be any transcript to send, seeing as I dropped the course long before the deadline (i.e. it's not a W). Would I still need to send something in my position?
  10. That's a relief to hear. Do you happen to know when I could expect them to make a decision? If I have my fall transcript uploaded ASAP could I hear from them in January? I'm a little unsure how the "waves" of decisions go. I was born in Saskatoon and lived there for six years. Attended preschool and kindergarten there before we moved to Calgary. Do you think that would work? Thanks for your reply!
  11. Hi all, I'm a fourth year student looking to enter law school next year. My top three choices are U of A, U of C, and U of S; I am willing to live and work in any of Edmonton, Calgary or Saskatoon. My predicted cumulative GPA and L2 (which U of A and U of C use) are 3.63 and 3.72 respectively (these predictions are pessimistic to be safe, there's a chance they could be 0.01 or so higher). I know U of S uses B2 instead of L2, but I think they also use the 4.3 scale; counting my A+ grades as 4.3 gives me a B2 of 3.68 (it's 3.635 if they're counted as 4.0). Those are my first two years of undergrad if that matters; third year was a little tougher. Also, for a Sask connection I was born in Saskatoon and lived there for the first six years of my life and attended preschool and kindergarten there before we moved to Alberta. My LSAT was 166 on the first write (92nd percentile). I had signed up for two LSATs even before I wrote the first one just in case it went bad, but since it went well I tried to improve the second time. Unfortunately, I don't feel like it went as well as the first time; since U of A averages LSAT scores I decided to play it safe and cancel my second score before it was released. I read on here that a single cancel shouldn't adversely affect my application; hopefully this is still true. So basically, what are my chances? From the U of A admitted applicant profile (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-u9luOkViBOYVM2bWFMcmJNcUpOZVBZY0lsTVpyOGRIaGFR/view) it seems like I'm safely in the range of acceptable GPA and LSAT. Assuming this year's crop of candidates is similar, am I more or less guaranteed an offer if I end up in that range? I'm decent at writing so my personal statements shouldn't be an issue. I know U of C is a more holistic school, so exceeding last year's 3.66 average GPA and 161 average LSAT isn't necessarily a guarantee (it'd be very interesting if they released an admitted applicant profile the way U of A does, but if it exists I haven't found it). For extra info, I did my undergrad (at the U of C) straight out of high school. I've been working two jobs throughout university (one of them with the university; before they hired me I volunteered with them for a semester) and did a summer internship as part of my program this summer. I was a participant in the university's USpeak program, volunteered and served as secretary on the board of a provincial political constituency association, and play rec hockey. I'm doing an honours program and also have a minor. Will probably graduate with first-class honours. For U of S, I exceed the average LSAT of 159, but GPA is a little more tricky. I saw somewhere that they average 3.4/4.0 or 3.7/4.3. As I said above, I thought the only difference between these two systems was that A+ grades counted as 4.3, which only moves me from 3.635 (well above average) to 3.68 (slightly below average). I also saw somewhere (can't find the link now) that the average GPA last year at U of S was 3.44, but I'm unsure if this is meant to be on the 4.0 or 4.3 scale (if the latter it's good news for me; if the former then I'm not so sure). I appreciate anyone who was patient enough to read to the end of all this. From what I can tell, I seem to have a good shot at all three, but as I'm sure many of you remember this is quite a nerve-wracking time so any extra insight or input to further inform me as to my chances would be greatly appreciated. I hope the information I provided strikes a good balance between being helpful to you guys but also not revealing anything too identifiable. Peace and love to you all. ~Chazz
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