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  1. Hi, OLSAS won't charge you again for applying to the dual jd if you already applied to the single jd! I found this out after being prepared to pay the extra fee but then being pleasantly surprised when I found out I wasn't charged.
  2. Can I provisionally accept a program while waitlisted for another? Or will provisionally accepting remove me from the waitlist?
  3. Waitlisted today March 12 CGPA: 3.08 OLSAS LSAT: 164 Referred mid-Jan Decent ECs and social justice oriented, PSE tailored towards Windsor. Just wondering, if I provisionally accept another program, will that remove me from the waitlist?
  4. My L2 is a 3.38 but my B20 is a 3.7/4.0. ECs were alright, mostly education and working with children but over a decent period of time
  5. When were you referred to admissions?
  6. Not sure but some people got it in the morning and I didn't check until 1 PM so it looks like it could be throughout the day
  7. In! cGPA: 3.08 LSAT: 164 Offer is on OLSAS but not RAMSS yet! Good luck everyone!
  8. Do you think they'll send out bigger waves during February? There hasn't been much movement it seems
  9. Admitted to the Dual JD! I was referred January 15th for both dual and single jd and just got in on the Detroit Mercy side today! CGPA: 3.01 L2: 3.4 LSAT: 164 Kind of freaking out cuz I wasn't expecting anything with my cgpa but wow! Hoping to get a decision on the single JD as well. Good luck everyone!
  10. How do you access the Detroit Mercy side information? Or is that only for applicants who applied through LSAC?
  11. When were you referred to admissions?
  12. Do you mind sharing when were you referred?
  13. So I emailed them last night and they got back to me this morning. Told me not to worry about the dates as they don't mean anything but they didn't say anything about my application status. As of just a few minutes ago I am still pending review but hopefully this clears some things up for others!
  14. Anyone else still pending review? I've been pending review since I submitted my application. I also took the November 2020 LSAT if that matters. I emailed admissions in December asking what pending review meant and they replied that they haven't had a chance to look at my application yet. Not sure what that means since they also said that they received my LSAT score already. I also have a bunch of things under my To-Do list as initiated!
  15. Are you me? I have this exact same problem! I contacted them but so far they just told me to keep waiting. Possibly up to 2 weeks
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