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  1. How do you access the Detroit Mercy side information? Or is that only for applicants who applied through LSAC?
  2. When were you referred to admissions?
  3. So I emailed them last night and they got back to me this morning. Told me not to worry about the dates as they don't mean anything but they didn't say anything about my application status. As of just a few minutes ago I am still pending review but hopefully this clears some things up for others!
  4. Anyone else still pending review? I've been pending review since I submitted my application. I also took the November 2020 LSAT if that matters. I emailed admissions in December asking what pending review meant and they replied that they haven't had a chance to look at my application yet. Not sure what that means since they also said that they received my LSAT score already. I also have a bunch of things under my To-Do list as initiated!
  5. Are you me? I have this exact same problem! I contacted them but so far they just told me to keep waiting. Possibly up to 2 weeks
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