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  1. Has anyone heard back from MAG Justice Policy or know when we could expect to hear from them?
  2. So people heard from Crown Law Office Criminal. Anyone heard from Crown Law Office - Civil??
  3. I wonder how FortifiedEight fared. He or she had like 12 interviews!
  4. But as the time drags on it's becoming less and less likely. Has anyone heard from either of the MAG Crown Law Offices - Civil or Criminal?
  5. What is the situation with MAG? Can people let us know which offices you've heard from.
  6. The end of the WEEK?! How does that make any sense? People will be forced to accept earlier offers. Does that apply to ALL MAG offices?
  7. Well at this point I suppose all the offers have been made. Question is how many have been accepted, how many are on ice, and how far up on the waiting list are you. 6 p.m. and after could still produce something.
  8. Hang on, people got PFOs after their interviews? I'm assuming not all firms did that though? Is there any comfort to be taken in not having received a PFO after your interview?
  9. True but what if your top choice calls with an offer after 6 p.m. because a slot opened up due to a rejection and you've already now accepted your 2nd choice because you promised to get back to them asap. What then?
  10. MAG interviews are scored though. Is it really necessary to send a thank you note in the same way that it is for private firms?
  11. Surely it's over now, right? Wait list and all?
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