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  1. Thank you for your candid responses, GM! You two sound like quite the power couple! Which productivity apps do you recommend?
  2. @Mihael, aren’t you requesting information on your own chances for this year’s application? How can you predict RH2012’s chances? If you claim it’s because you’ve referenced last year’s class, that’s only one year and may not be indicative of each and every year’s class stats.
  3. OP, I think it is completely fair that you would be interested in a diverse class. I regret that many seem to be taking offence to your question.
  4. Thank you for your candid answers, @GrumpyMountie! I have the same questions as @Twenty. 😀
  5. Thanks for starting this, @GrumpyMountie You said you are a mature student. Did you apply under the discretionary category by any chance? Do you know how many discretionary applicants apply and how many are accepted? How are you liking UVic? I hear great things! How do you find the online classes? I imagine it’s a bit of an adjustment. Thanks again!
  6. Well regardless, good luck to you @snoop461 and @SadNWO!
  7. Perhaps they would consider the various addition components required of programs like the Regular Officer Training Program (ROTP) with the military?
  8. I’m looking for some career advice. Bare with me as I explain. It’s complicated but I did not attend law school and I am now a practicing lawyer. I could have gotten in and successfully completed law school but for some complicated reasons, I did not. I am working at a firm where some people know that I didn’t go to law school and it just feels like this constant battle to keep it a secret. It is now affecting the firm and my relationships with the people that know and care about. Just as I am thinking it does not matter that I didn’t finish school because I am clearly capable of practicing the law and helping people, something comes up that shakes those beliefs to the core. It seems like the sharks are constantly circling and this is going to catch up with me. Any advice on how to handle this?
  9. Okay - that makes sense. Thank you for your responses, AJD19 and rcfc!
  10. Hi there! I am applying in the Discretionary Category at UVic. I am wondering if Discretionary Applicants are generally informed later in the season than the other categories. Thanks! (This was also posted in General. I realized the UVic forum would probably have been a better place, hence why I have included it here too)
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