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  1. Congrats, @CastlePie! Happy for your, buddy!
  2. @DRonTheGr8, you’re stats are phenomenal. Great work! All the best to you. 😀
  3. Good thinking, @Babaloko, to get organized in preparation for law school. I was unfortunately not able to track down the cost of the deposit for the JD program. However, as a point of reference, some of the graduate programs require a $400.00 deposit, so I imagine it will be in and around that amount. Best of luck to you!
  4. Yes, it is curious. Although, I imagine the Admissions Committee has a lot more than usual to overcome this cycle. My guess is they are quite tied up with their usual requirements at the university, which are complicated by zoom sessions and meetings. Plus it’s probably trickier for the Admissions Committee to virtually review each of the applications. At least that’s what I am telling myself when I worry about not hearing back yet, 😉 although I would say it is still somewhat early.
  5. @castlepie just curious to see if you’ve noticed any changes. Would they have already received your fall grades by now (perhaps a silly question!)?
  6. Thank you - Best of luck to you too!
  7. No. Based on some of the advice on this forum, I would say the delay is in part due to the fact that I applied under the discretionary category.
  8. Hah! While I am certainly glad for some movement, there’s no certainty that the decision pending is the one I am hoping for.
  9. I had everything submitted by the first week of September.
  10. My status switched to “Decision Pending” today.
  11. It’s so rough waiting and it’s so easy to read into every little thing. I hope we hear back sooner rather than later!
  12. Might be a good sign. I get you don’t want to get your hopes up but if it’s at decision pending it’s either accept or reject soon. I doubt they would reject anyone early on.
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