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  1. Waitlisted - no email but portal updated A- 157 EC - 4+ years working with the Rcmp in various roles (court clerk, 911 dispatcher, other admin roles). Other random work experience including supervisory experience in a restaurant. Extensive volunteering including as a victim services advocate, boys and girls club, university open house, food bank. LOR from a prof and manager of Rcmp station I work at.
  2. Sorry to hear! But glad you have been accepted elsewhere! People have been posting their rejections here as well for people looking for other stats:
  3. There is a petition going around about this. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfXQ98sdwxyxT2GwZO4dySFBxk1sO-KE3_Zz1ymmFgJ1pxOeg/viewform
  4. I've seen on other threads people have asked for an extension (not from TRU) but it's worth a shot. The worst they can say is no. However you could always pay the deposit and then if you get accepted elsewhere forfeit your money/spot (even though that sucks to lose that money).
  5. I’d definitely apply with those stats. I applied with lower! I’m still waiting so obviously that doesn’t really confirm your chances but I’d say based on previous threads you’d be good!
  6. Personally I used this https://www.whatsmygpa.ca/
  7. Lol waitlisted at #207 LSAT 157 GPA 3.68 Index 70.86
  8. My understanding is that a "year" requires 8 or more classes so you would need to go back one more semester too and not just use 3 semesters!
  9. I would not send an email at this point. Many schools have not even gone to a waitlist yet meaning they have not assessed all applications. Any person I have seen email for an update on their application are receiving generic responses like "we anticipate all students to have some kind of response by May". I have also not heard anything and am in pending for all of my schools and it sucks, but unfortunately all we can really do is wait. If all your documents are received there's really nothing you can do! They have an increased number of applications and generally speaking are behind in assessing applications compared to previous cycles, so I think this is to be expected. . Many wait lists are due to come out in the next couple of weeks, so I would for sure wait until after then.
  10. If your offer letter does not have any conditions it wouldn't be a conditional acceptance. If you are accepting, pay your deposit and you should be good to do.
  11. I think if you get your LSAT over or even close to 160 you're good. I'd look into UNB as another option too! I don't know anything about masters GPA for admissions though so I can't speak to that!
  12. It shows on your myTRU account under decision. Once they have received all your documents it will change to “complete ready for review” and then once it has gone to the admissions committee it changes to “pending decision”.
  13. I believe they have started already!
  14. I wouldn’t read into this generic response too much. They have been saying the exact same thing to everybody for the last few months. I know waiting is stressful and I am also in the same boat but I truly think it would he unreasonable for them to be expected to give a specific date for everybody 😕
  15. They start accepting people in October and they do rolling admissions so I would say it’s better to apply as soon as possible as seats start to fill up quickly.
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