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  1. Mature. And sorry it was Thursday*
  2. Accepted Friday cGPA: 3.65 LSAT: 165 (Jan 2021) 5 yrs work experience
  3. Accepted yesterday cGPA: 3.65 LSAT: 165 (Jan 2021) 5 yrs work experience
  4. Accepted today, expires Apr 28 LSAT 165 (Jan 2021) cGPA 3.65 5 yrs work experience
  5. It'll be the people at the bottom of the rung getting cut off In any given year an early Dec acceptance with unamazing stats suggests a stand out application in some other fashion
  6. Did you find the later years’ tests to be more challenging? Did your scores vary? Anecdotally I’ve felt LG got harder in the 70s. My RC is better in the 70s than the 60s. Haven’t touched any 80s yet. Wondering what others have noticed.
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