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  1. What's the practice for titling personal statements? McGill's the only school I applied to outside of Ontario and when you apply through OLSAS there's boxes to copy and paste your personal statements in. I've seen mixed advice online (some sites saying not to give it a title and others saying to pick an attention-grabbing title) and McGill's instructions don't specify anything about a title.
  2. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-osgoode/ under "Application Components"
  3. Thanks for your reply! The subjective aspect was what was making me think it wasn't a good idea. Thanks for this! I think I'm going to go ahead with it.
  4. I wrote the optional equity essay for Osgoode Hall. They suggest providing corroborative documentation and cite a letter from individuals with knowledge of the cited circumstances. I wrote about dealing with anxiety, the death of a family member and being a first-generation student. The only person that I can think of to write a letter corroborating these things (and in such short notice) is my mom, is it worth getting her to write one? Does it look bad to have a parent be the one the write it?
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