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  1. Looking to pay my Calgary deposit before deadline (tomorrow) not sure if I have to accept the offer before I add them as a payee via online banking, or if I can do this without accepting. Also, if I do accept, will my application be removed from consideration in Ontario, or is there no communication that way?
  2. I feel for you my man. congrats on getting into multiple schools though no big deal in the long run but definitely hoping to avoid it aha
  3. ya nothing like that, I mean I'm hardly well-off, but it's nothing that would sink me. Just gonna have to pay I believe.
  4. If you don't want to answer the question, don't answer it. There are many people that would love to post something of substance!
  5. Is there any way to avoid or delay the 500$ deposit? I am still waiting to hear back from schools in ontario (Windsor, Western, Queens and Lakehead). I would email admissions, but I do not think that it would be a good look to say that I am awaiting my first choice(s) Thoughts? I know the 500$ is non refundable, but with what seems to be a delayed admission cycle, I would hate to make law school even more expensive than it is by accepting an offer to a different school.
  6. Was really hoping to be posting this in the accepted/waitlist threads but oh well. cGPA: 2.41 L2:3.43 B2O: 3.6-ish (increase due to unfull course load in 3rd/4th year that gets lump calculated with L2. LSAT: 171 Have not been accepted anywhere in Ontario yet, so I'm still holding out hope for Windsor/Lakehead/Western/Queens.
  7. I come to you from the not so distant future and bring news of no precipitation... I'm chewin' nails over here.. Nothing from Ryerson or Lakehead recently, at least on the boards.
  8. My first acceptance, I am beyond stoked and more than a little relieved. I will be accepting if no Ontario school's come knocking. cGPA: 2.42 L2: 3.43 LSAT: 171 (3rd writing, 160/157 prior) Applied under the general category and was notified via CAS/student center sometime late last week - still no email. All the best to my fellow splitters!
  9. I never received a confirmation email from Lakehead either, wondering what's going on there
  10. Yes, it was my 3rd official LSAT and Im stoked about the 11 point increase since my previous test. I used the calculator available through lawstudents.ca https://lawapplicants.ca/
  11. My L2 is my B2, so it doesn't change much in my case. Huge upwards curve while taking 4th year honours courses, so I'm hoping that helps my case
  12. Queens, Ryerson, Windsor, Lakehead, and U of T. Considering applying to Calgary tonight as a sort of back up, but I'm not sure it is worth the money as I have high hopes of being accepted in Ontario. Thoughts?
  13. My grade per OUAC are: cGPA: 2.41 B2: 3.43 and I managed to score a 171 on the November LSAT. I know I am a splitter, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for an acceptance at Western U. Also, Will November LSAT marks be available for round 1 decisions? Thanks
  14. Per OLSAS' grade scheme (im a brock undergrad so I used their "legend" to change my % grade to my GPA. For my "slow grades" my parents separated late in high school and finished the divorce process in my second year, which was hard on me, but I have no medical reasons or anything that would directly lead to such poor academic standing.
  15. Hello, I seek some guidance, as my undergrad was unique due to changing course loads. The calculator seems to mistake my L2 scores, as I took a reduced course load in my second-final year. According to Western, they will take courses from my previous year until 20 are reached, which would provide me with a 3.63 L2 (calculators provided on this forum place me at a My CGPA is terrible. I calculated it at a 1.24 for 1st year, 1.43 for 2nd year, 2.3 for third year, 3.66 for fourth year and 3.75 for fifth year, if a summer course is included (or 3.72 without). My final year was a full course load. I was placed on academic suspension after my second year, and in third year, completed a suspension avoidance program which disallowed me from taking more than 3 courses/semester, along with a mandatory pass/fail, 0 credit course. In fourth year, I took only the courses necessary to readmit to my program, but was surprised when my major upwards trend allowed me to readmit into honours... So I took a fifth year. I went out on a limb and took the LSAT, self study only, and received a 157. I took it again, planning to study more, but due to personal reasons (several deaths in the family), I did little studying and only increased my LSAT to a 160. Now, I have been working incredibly hard, and have consistently scored in the high 160's, even occasionally breaking into the mid 170's (on practice tests, averaging approximately 168). If I can score a 168 or higher on test day, and I disclose the reasoning behind my lack of full course load/low early trends, do I have any chance at law school in Ontario? I have worked so hard at turning my life around, and getting into law school would mean everything to me. I have reasonably strong EC's (volunteering, launching and running my own small theatre business, etc.) A long with several essay awards from my University (COMM/PCUL/FILM best department essay, and Dean's Best Essay 2020). I believe I also have strong references, but I understand that these are usually superfluous in comparison to LSAT/cGPA/L2. Sorry for the long post, and all the best for those applying this cycle.
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