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  1. hahahah thank-you.... i'm a little less optimistic these days but i'm TRYING 😛
  2. I know, isn't it crazy how one C or B can impact cGPA..
  3. Ahh you think so?? I think the reality that Western Law received an unusually high number of applications this year is really making me question myself. Thank you for taking the time to reply 🙂
  4. Yes! Each grade individually converted as per OLSAS. Western is the only school I am seriously considering.
  5. Hi! I wrote 30+ practice tests on 7Sage and was usually in the low 160s, so I do think that 158 was representative of where I was at when I wrote in November. Mind you, the tenant in the apartment above me was drilling and hammering throughout my test (LOL) so I lost focus at times. Maybe it impacted my score but who knows.. probably just an excuse to make me feel better 😛
  6. Would you rewrite if you were in my position? LSAT: 158 cGPA: 3.84 L2: 3.99 L3: 3.98 Masters degree Thank-you so much.
  7. Mine was visible this AM but just vanished. Hm! 🤔 Maybe the website is being glitchy
  8. I know what you mean. This definitely helps a lot. Thank-you so much!
  9. All great points. Thank-you for taking the time to reply!
  10. Thank-you for your advice! I think my concern is that resetting the launch link is turning out to be a lengthy process. I am realizing that this delay could result in my LSAT score being released later than most Nov LSAT writers. For example -- The link to rewrite might not appear until later next week. It could then take 2-3 weeks for me to have my new writing sample approved. This means that Western might not have access to my LSAT score and writing sample until early Dec (who knows, maybe even later!) These are all hypotheticals but I am trying to factor them into my decision making. Leave my below average writing sample as is and know that Western will view my scores/application at the same time as everyone else... OR rewrite and risk the delay? Hmf.. so unsure of what to do!
  11. Hi everyone! I am hoping to ask for some advice regarding the writing sample that I recently wrote through LSAC. For reference, I have applied to Western University only. Unfortunately I encountered some technical difficulties during my writing sample. My computer overheated and I had to turn my brightness all the way down to write. At one point I was writing with a black screen (lol).. and I could hardly scroll through the passage due to lagginess. It was delightful. Not. Anyway, LSAC has confirmed that I will be eligible to rewrite the sample. I am still not able to see the new launch link (I have spent 5+ hours on the phone trying to fix this over the last week / getting bounced to and from different representatives). I am starting to wonder if it is even worth it. I have 3 typos in the writing sample (eek...). I know Western reads these samples and I would had for this to tarnish my application. Not to make excuses... but I do feel that my writing sample would be devoid of such careless errors under normal circumstances. Should I be persistent and make sure I write for a second time? Or should I let it go and accept that my poor writing sample will be submitted? Are typos common? Thank-you in advance for any input!
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