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  1. Hi!! I can't speak on working during law school, but I currently work part-time with the federal gov (undergrad 4th year) and I've been extended to full-time work for the summer. Apply through FSWEP (Federal Student Work Experience Program). If you are Indigenous or Metis, there's a separate portal for that I believe. The application process takes a bit of time, but definitely worth it.
  2. Accepted last night! GPA: 3.78 LSAT: 166 Not accepting as I've already accepted a different offer. Good luck all!
  3. Yes and I was accepted! I haven't heard anything back from UofA (my other application). Might not have a choice but to go to UVic..
  4. Yes! Don't forget the ferry ride. I'm glad to hear that there's other people leaving this frozen land for the island. I did the drive back in September and it just got more and more beautiful the further I was from Edmonton.
  5. I anyone considering moving to Victoria from out of province? I'm currently in Edmonton AB and the idea of moving west is super appealing to me.
  6. I found the newer ones easier! But that may be because I started at 29 and worked my way up to the newer ones over the course of 8 months. I figured that I would leave the new ones for last since they would be similar to the actual LSAT I would write. I thought the LGs on the older LSATS were more varied and unpredictable versus the more recent PTs.
  7. Got the call half an hour ago. GPA: self-calculated at 3.78 LSAT: 166 Some tears may have been shed.
  8. I've been thinking about this. After 1L, what should we be doing with out summers if we don't secure law-related work? Volunteering with law clinics? Throughout my undergrad I spent my summers working full-time to save up for the upcoming school year.
  9. Hey! I did the same thing and it wasn't uploaded to my application until today.
  10. That's what mine says too! Currently a 4th year at the UofA.
  11. 1. Do you have hours of reading / work to do every night? 2. Are you involved in any law-related extra circulars? 3. Have you made any friends / good acquaintances in law schools and if so HOW? Thank you for creating this thread
  12. Thank you both! I was looking at my LSAC account earlier and had a mini heart attack thinking I missed something. I think it's the stress of waiting!! Cheers
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