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  1. Oh that's amazing! I figured it would be hard to move half way through. Glad I am not the only one planning on doing it fully remote. Yes, Mtl people staying here should definitely keep in touch!
  2. Hi! Exactly what dbaza said! And im so glad you posted this because I was wondering what others were doing. Since the website says we can do it online I will only be moving when I have to. I will do the first semester online and hopefully second. I am going to call the university to clarify that this is ok though I think! Not worth paying rent and moving for 30% in person I don't think! Are you moving from Mtl?
  3. Rien aussi! C'est tellement enervant. Si quelqu'un appelle, pouvez-vous nous mettre à jour sur ce qu'ils disent?
  4. Same still nothing. University student no certificate. It's killing me :')
  5. McGill Psychology 3.55 cGPA and I graduated December 2020! So 120 credits completed
  6. I have not been waitlisted or rejected but still always "under review." Starting to get worried.
  7. Hi! Does anyone know how long it takes them to process the transcripts? In my centre etudiant it says "Vérif de vos relevés de notes," and I sent in my transcript yesterday. Does it need to be verified before Feb 1 for the application to be ok?
  8. Halloitskiko what was the TEF Express experience like? Is it proctored and very quick (as in too quick for someone who is not a francophone)? I am so nervous about the lockdown interfering with the TFI.
  9. Does anyone know when applying for Fall 2021, when would be the deadline to submit the TFI?
  10. Hi! I was wondering, if I were applying to UdeM for Fall 2021 when would be the deadline to submit TFI marks? I am panicking at the though of another hard lockdown (apparently being announced tomorrow) interfering with the TFI dates and am wondering if I will be stuck writing the TEF Express (which I head is much harder and results are sent automatically). Hopefully if TFI grades only need to be submitted a little later there might be time to write it once the COVID cases get better. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, Has anyone applied to UdeM from McGill with a 3.5/4.00 and gotten in? Did my undergrad in psych. Had a bad first semester but haven't had a term GPA under 3.7 since that first semester. Is this something they might take into account? Thank you!
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