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  1. Accepted 12/09 (found out 12/10 morning through email) cGPA: 3.96 LSAT: 170, 174 Did not write Part B
  2. Just got the call at around 1:55pm! cGPA (same as B3 because I'm in my fourth year): 3.96 LSAT: 170, 174
  3. In queue as of 11/27 cGPA: 3.95 LSAT: 170, 174
  4. UofT would be the dream! It's really expensive but I would be willing to take on the debt if I get in
  5. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-gpa-calculations/ They absolutely do. Edit: just to clarify, not ALL foreign universities, but they do convert American university GPAs, which is where OP's GPA is coming from
  6. OP said cGPA and gave B3 so I'd assume they've converted it themselves using the calculator and that it is as close to the real thing as is predictable right now. OLSAS doesn't release our officially converted GPAs until December no?
  7. I think you absolutely have a great shot! I come from a fine arts undergrad background too, and I think that if you spin it well in your essays, it will make you stand out from the mass of polisci/history/eng majors in the eyes of Admissions. Your softs seem very strong too, so don't worry. Good luck on the LSAT!
  8. ah come on dude, YP is devastating and very real in the States. Wasn't sure if it was the same in Canada so just wanted to ask
  9. I know the title sounds like I'm way overconfident but I promise that's not the case please hear me out. I have a bit of a weird situation where I have an LSAT fee waiver (2 free LSATs), so I just went ahead and signed up for both the Oct and Nov Flexes (hadn't even taken the Oct when I'd signed up for Nov). My Oct score turned out to be a 170. My OLSAS GPA is still not showing up, but using the calculator, it says that my cGPA should be 3.94 and B3 is 3.96. Thing is, my OLSAS profile shows that I got a 170 in Oct, and yet am still signed up for Nov (which I just took today). I don't mean to say that my stats are good enough to warrant yield protection with what I've got right now, but what I'm worried about is that UofT can see that I'm still trying to take the LSAT again. Since I'm already above both medians at UofT, would they take this to mean that I'm actually aiming for another school? UofT is actually my dream school; I'd rather go there than anywhere else. My parents forced me to retake the LSAT because "it was free" and they saw me freaking out after the Oct test, so they assumed I could do better. Would it be wildly extra if I explained this to them?
  10. I'm finishing up my PS and was wondering if anyone would be down to swap personal statements with me? I haven't received any help on my PS and would really appreciate another set of eyes to help me look it over. I'm happy to give my two cents on anyone else's PS too!
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