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  1. Hi everyone! I know there's been lots of discussion on this forum about UBC vs UVic, but I was hoping for some guidance specifically as someone who hopes to work with the government. I've been lucky to be accepted to both UBC and UVic. The tuition is comparable, though UVic offered me a very substantial scholarship and I didn't get any admission scholarship from UBC. My main question is which school is the better choice given that I'm leaning towards government work (particularly criminal). Any advice or insights would be much appreciated!
  2. I spoke with an Allard Ambassador earlier today and she was telling me that everyone she knows who wanted to find work in Toronto/ON was able to. From what I can tell based on published stats, there are actually more UBC law grads who go to ON than UofT grads who go to BC. But of course, this could be just due to self-selection and the relative size of the legal markets. Nonetheless, I'm of the impression that if for some reason I decide I want to come back to Ontario, it's absolutely possible with a little extra effort and individual job searching. Another comment made by the ambassador I spoke with is how incredibly the Allard Career Services Office is. They actually have someone dedicated to public interest/social justice/more 'alternative' career paths, as well as those who are more equipped to help those focused on corporate, which is very much where my areas of interest lie. Anyways, she told me that the CSO is still really helpful for those looking towards the Toronto recruit!
  3. I would also add that I find Vancouver a MUCH more appealing city to live in than Toronto. I love cities but I'm pretty outdoorsy and love the proximity to nature and generally outdoorsy vibe that Vancouver offers. I'd honestly just rather live in Vancouver for the next 3 years than Toronto, and think the lifestyle is much more conducive to my health and in line with my values.
  4. Echoing what @birdlaww said above, a big factor for me is tuition. This is especially because I'll be paying for law school by myself and either way will be taking on debt. I can understand choosing UofT if you're someone interested in a highly lucrative area of law and feels strongly that they want to end up doing the whole Bay St/NYC corporate law thing. That's just not me. My areas of interest are primarily criminal, public interest, and family. People always say study where you want to practice, but in all honesty I'm not sure where I want to practice yet. I think UBC will open just as many doors for me in the areas I'm interested in, at a fraction of the price. That being said, I have two residual concerns: Toronto recruit and international opportunities. If I give BC a try and decide I want to move back to ON, I'm a bit worried about finding a job in the Toronto/ON market having gone to UBC, especially given that there are so many Ontario schools. My other concern is that UofT offers some pretty amazing international opportunities and a strong international reputation, whereas I'm not confident UBC has the same recognition or readily available opportunities. I'm chatting with a UBC Law Ambassador today actually, and am hoping they can address these concerns. Hope that helps! I'm really of the mindset that, ultimately, I can't go wrong with either of these schools. They're both excellent law schools and I'll be surrounded by some really smart, driven people and outstanding opportunities. It's definitely a privilege to be in this position!
  5. I've always wanted to live in BC, but my entire family is in Ontario (for the time being - I'm my mom's only child and I think if I moved to BC permanently she would, as well). Part of my justification for likely picking UBC over UofT is that I have lived in Southern Ontario my whole life, and if I want to decide where to live/practice/settle down then I should try living in both places I'm deciding between before making that decision. I think there's a very good chance I'll end up falling in love with BC and staying there for a long while, if not forever. But of course, having never lived there before, I can't be certain! As for living on campus, I haven't quite decided yet! I love the idea of living slightly off campus but still close (Kits area would be lovely), but right on campus would be nice, too! I'm more concerned with finding a nice place that's not insanely expensive, ideally with some other 1L roommates. I'm a pretty social person and especially given some uncertainty with COVID, it's really important to me that I live with other people!
  6. Still somewhat debating between UBC and UofT, but there's a 99% chance I'll be moving to BC from ON as well!
  7. So excited to have gotten the call this morning! OLSAS GPA: 3.86 LSAT: 170 I'll be deciding between UBC and UofT - both amazing schools and I'm so grateful to be in this position! Best of luck to you all
  8. Just got the email!! GPA: 86.5% (UBC confirmed), LSAT: 170. So excited, this is my first choice so I will very likely be accepting!
  9. Yes my status changed to "Offer Extended" - like @Firecracker said my fingers are crossed for you!! Hopefully you hear back soon!
  10. Thank you! They did not, though I think I've read in previous years it was around 920? Not 100% sure. Best of luck!!
  11. Thank you so much!! It's K, but the first letter of my first name is A so maybe they're doing it that way
  12. So excited to start this thread!! Just got the call about 10 minutes ago - I'm in! For those wondering, I my GPA is 4.0/4.3 and LSAT is 170. Also got a scholarship offer which I'm super excited about! Sending good vibes to you all!!
  13. I'd guess definitely Oz, very good chance for UofT as well. As @PlayALawyerOnTV mentioned, your stats are pretty close to the 50th percentile for UofT, so I'd be surprised if you didn't get offers from both (assuming your EC's and PS are ok/good). Congrats in advance!!
  14. I completely agree. It's so hard not to at least consider UofT given that it's such a fantastic school, but I wonder if I really want the competition and intensity that would accompany that. UVic is pretty far the other way from what I've read, which in a way is appealing but I do think I thrive in a more intense environment (I chose Queen's Comm for my undergrad lol). UBC seems like somewhat of a middle ground in a lot of ways. Big city, but not too big. Great law school, competitive but not overly so. I think I'd be happy at any of them, though!
  15. It sounds like we're in a very similar situation!! I'm also from Ontario (GTA) and went on exchange in my third year. I'm in 4th year of my undergrad at Queen's right now, so I've done the small-town Ontario University gig - I'd only stay in Ontario if I went to UofT or Ottawa. I'm definitely still debating between UBC and UVic, but I'm heavily leaning towards UBC. I like the idea of a larger school with more classes and extracurricular opportunities. Plus I'd like to go on exchange again and the UBC partner schools resonate more with me. I honestly don't think one could go wrong with either, though! They're both fantastic schools and I think they both align well with my personal values and career goals.
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