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  1. Just got the email; cGPA: 3.79 L2/B2: 3.93 LSAT: 165 Category: Access
  2. Accepted Feb 12 via email LSAT: 165 cGPA: 3.79 L2: 3.93
  3. Does anyone know if a U of T accepted Facebook group has been created yet?:) Super excited to finally meet everyone!
  4. Accepted! 165, cGPA 3.79 after fall term, 3.93 L2. Very excited! Edit: No B3 as I am in my fourth year & did the optional essay!
  5. Mine took a day or two to update but if it has already been a few days since it has been received you can just reach out to OLSAS to ask- they are usually really quick at responding! Email: [email protected]
  6. Hi! My school sent my transcript within two days (I think their website says transcript requests can take 1-3 business days). Not long at all!
  7. Yes! You just request a new transcript through OLSAS the same way you initially did (you’ll just have two transcript requests in this section now). After you request it, hit review and submit at the bottom of OLSAS to pay for the transcript request. When my school sent my updated transcript, OLSAS updated my calculated GPA within 24 hours!
  8. I am just wondering if a Facebook group for accepted students has been created yet. I am excited to meet some of my future classmates!!
  9. I am in tears!! I got in the 22nd on OASIS but did not see it or get the email till this morning! cGPA (OLSAS): 3.79 L2 (OLSAS): 3.93 LSAT: 165 Congrats all !!!
  10. Just out of curiosity - does anyone know if the admissions team is on holiday break/going on holiday break today? For those of us in queue, is there a chance to potentially hear back between Monday and Wednesday or will the next few offers realistically trickle in in January?
  11. In queue December 16th! OLSAS cGPA 3.78 / LSAT 165
  12. Someone asked Osgoode at the LSAC forum today. Someone also posted an email response from Osgoode confirming this in another thread (I believe the “more 170 scores etc” thread) if you wanted to read what their response was. With the increase in applicants a more competitive cycle was definitely inevitable, though
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