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  1. Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving:) I was just wondering if anyone knows how the virtual LSAC forum works? Do we all enter via the same link? How do we visit a specific school's virtual "booth"? I apologize in advance if this has been answered already!
  2. Hi everyone! Long-time lurker here! I was wondering what my chances are at the following schools that I am applying to. The reason I am asking is I am a bit nervous having only applied to three schools: Osgoode, Queen's, and Ottawa. My goal school is Osgoode, but I know I would be happy at Queen's or Ottawa as well. Based on previous experience, is it wise to apply more broadly? I know that it is risky being so selective, but I only wanted to apply to schools that I could really see myself at. Considering adding a 'safety' school. I would definitely appreciate some advice! cGPA (per OLSAS) - 3.74/4.0 (strong upward trend - bit of a tough first year. Submitted a medical note to corroborate. Filled out part B for Osgoode and special consideration for Ottawa. Queen's advised me based on my situation to apply access) Have not calculated B2, but L3 would be same as cGPA as I am in fourth year. LSAT (one write) - 165 Personal statements - (Good, I hope? Who can really tell...) Letters of recommendation - I believe strong (have not seen any, though). I submitted three academic references. Two of which are from professors that I have TA'd for and who know me quite well. ECs - Pretty normal EC's. Varsity soccer player, summer internship, Teaching Assistant, part-time work through school, etc. Thank you all in advance!
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