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  1. This is something I haven't really thought about, but definitely will keep in mind. Thank you!
  2. Generally I know for law school sometimes people tend to either go after undergrad, or after getting a masters. Overall which route is ideally considered the best option, or do law schools consider students who have done a masters over those that go to law school directly after undergrad?
  3. I know there's quite a number of different areas of law such as, family, government, immigration etc. I wanted to know specifically more information on all areas of law. Along with which law school is the most reputable regarding in specific areas of law.
  4. How are you managing with school, especially considering it is full-time job is it online as well?
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what position do you currently work for the government as an undergrad?
  6. That's impressive, how do you know for certain they do?
  7. You should try re-posting your question to US and Other Foreign Schools forum section on the site, just so you can get a better idea on what you're asking or looking for.
  8. As someone who is looking forward into applying to law schools, can you briefly explain how exactly did Lakehead and TRU both get flak?
  9. Thank you! Just something I was maybe considering, but I'm glad it sounds like its something that would suit you the best. Reading throughout the thread and your response, there is definitely a lot of differentiated opinions on this. However, I just wanted to confirm what IPC means?
  10. As someone who is still in undergrad, I've been creating a list of all the law schools I want to apply to. I've heard about the new expansion of Ryerson and their law school. I know its still a relatively new school. So I've been thinking about adding it to one of the schools I apply to, as an alternative choice. Can someone briefly explain what some of the pros and cons are, if choosing to attend Ryerson at all? I know for one the school is located in downtown Toronto, which is already considerably convenient. As opposed to others schools that are a couple hours away from Toronto. I'd appreciate opinionated answers as well
  11. That's pretty interesting. I initially thought only students from Ontario law schools were the ones getting hired at NY firms. Besides McGill.
  12. Queens and Western don't have the same status as law schools, compared to Osgoode, McGill and UofT I'm assuming? However I know McGill is known internationally.
  13. That's good to know! How easy is it to find roommates or housing? What time of the year should I be looking at housing for the fall semester?
  14. Not sure if there is already a forum that has asked this question, but how is living in Kingston pre-COVID? Is a car necessary to get around? How reliable is public transit in the area? As well as how is the living accommodations/housing in the area, and what is the price range roughly about for renters?
  15. I know its not impossible, but I'm willing to put myself out there before law school. Solely for the experience and connections afterwards.
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