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  1. All of your comments sound like the prequel quote to an attempted Bolshevik Revolution on Bay Street lol. Not saying I disagree with you, just that I appreciate the unfiltered tone.
  2. These are all incredibly comforting comments, thanks!
  3. As someone graduating in (look at calendar) 3 week, I'm hopeful the "big law full hirebacks" trend can continue for at least another year. I chose one firm over 3 other offers and constantly hit by anxiety that they won't have positions to hire back and I'll have made the wrong choice...
  4. So a 3 year call would receive CDN$200k tax free, the same as CDN$345k pretax, to work fewer hours, and not have to worry about skirting around the homeless people blocking the entrance to our exclusive downtown 2bedroom apartments?...
  5. Adding into this: is there a sort of "definitive guide to PLTC" somewhere in these forums that can guide me through the process with tips? I'll also be going it soon online and I'm surprisingly nervous haha
  6. I also have a suit from them that is from when I was quite a bit thinner, and there is almost no room to tailor it larger unfortunately. If you're going MTM, and Indochino specifically, I discourage you from buying before picking up a new hobby like crossfit or powerlifting.
  7. If I can't get a firm to pay for my $11 burrito when I work until 10PM downtown on a Saturday, then what's the point of it all?
  8. Hold on a sec, I'm just about to go into Big Law... are you telling me there's no more meal credits? Telling me this now, after it's too late to change paths? 😥
  9. I actually think you're right, but it was for last fall's articling recruit as well. Having been in that recruit, can confirm i know all these firms for that reason (but this order is not what I considered when applying....)
  10. It's much easier if your parents give you a bit down payment while you're in undergrad/law school so you can get into the market early... Or so it seems with practically everyone I know lol
  11. Wow I had never seen the comparison...
  12. I know two students at my law school, top students, class awards/moots etc, that got an offer within the two weeks before classes started. Stay hopeful and positive, and only once classes start should you start focusing on plan B imo. Good luck.
  13. Sometimes I want to make a binder of your responses on this forum... Would that be weird? Haha
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