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  1. Reeeeallly hoping we know soon. I’d imagine we’ll likely find out today.
  2. Any idea if SV is doing second interviews?
  3. Call day is Thursday, so they’ll tell us one way or another by then. I thought they were doing second interviews Wednesday, but perhaps not 🧐
  4. I already had mine. But I can’t recall if they alert only successful applicants, or if they contact everyone.
  5. Did anyone who interviewed with Slater Vecchio ask about 'next steps'? Will they alert candidates tonight or tomorrow, for example?
  6. Please **ck Off lol It’s a totally informal name for an email where a firm says they won’t be contacting you
  7. I don’t believe they’ve sent any out, but they could come in the next few hours. Lerners only came at around 8:45 last night 🧐
  8. Purely to schedule interviews. Calls won’t last more than a minute
  9. Financial Services Regulatory Authority
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