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  1. I am in the same boat. Even though I took the exam in November, they waited till today to request it.
  2. Volunteer work (10 years) is a plus B20 GPA is higher than median of accepted students LSAT is low Do you have other EC's? If your EC's are so good and you explained them very well you might have a chance.
  3. Congrats! How are your EC's?
  4. Ryerson doesn't use CGPA or best two years. Do you know how your B20 GPA? And how about your EC's?
  5. Western Law Over 2700 applications for 190 seats. Last year the number of applicants was less than 2200. https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/class_profiles.html
  6. All students (domestic and international) paying Osgoode tuition, with the exception of National Committee on Accreditation students may apply for a bursary. To be eligible, students must: Apply for student government funding – students who are denied funding are still eligible for an Osgoode bursary, provided documentation relating to the denial is submitted and explained. Apply for a professional student line of credit – students are responsible to put in place, and extend if necessary, a professional student line of credit to maximize their resources. Students may apply to any financial institution, however if they are denied by their first choice, we require a second application to RBC, TD or Scotiabank. This is because these two banks offer favourable funding packages to students enrolled in eligible professional programs. Students who are denied a line of credit are still eligible for a bursary, provided documentation relating to the denial is submitted. Provide necessary and complete documentation to support the information in the online application. Submit the online application and supporting documentation by the deadline. If you can get a line of credit, you can not get bursaries. Many candidates might not be able to get bursaries just for this reason.
  7. It seems that B20 matters not CGPA for Ryerson.
  8. Being a Jewish applicant is a huge advantage, not a disadvantage. If you kindly check the admission survey of Osgoode 10% of the admitted students are Jewish even though only 1.1 % of Canada's population is Jewish. Most probably it is the same for the other schools; therefore, you shouldn't be worrying about it. I am almost sure that you will get an offer soon. Just relax for now. https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/admissions-survey/ Description Class Entering 2019 Class Entering 2020 Christian 32% 28% Buddhist 1% 2% Hindu 3% 5% Jewish 10% 10% Muslim 7% 8% Sikh 3% 4% No religion 37% 34% Other NA NA Choose not to answer 8% 9%
  9. How do they know that you are a Jewish male? Even if they know that, doesn't it affect their decision in a positive way because of diversity?
  10. Law School Acceptance rate University of Alberta 15.4% University of Manitoba 13.3% Dalhousie -Schulich School of Law 13.1% University of Calgary 13.0% University of New Brunswick 12.9% McGill University 12.2% University of Ottawa 11.8% University of Victoria 11.0% University of British Columbia 10.6% University of Saskatchewan 10.0% University of Toronto 10.0% Osgoode Hall -York University 9.8% Western Ontario University 8.4% University of Windsor 8.1% Queen's University 7.4%
  11. 3.9/4.00 GPA Good enough and varied EC If you can get 157 you might get accepted. Even if you don't you get 157 you have more than 75% chance. Good luck!
  12. Should we pay for the LSAT reports or it will be sent by the LSAC to the schools free of charge?
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