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  1. I firmly accepted my offer prior to the April 1st deadline, and I was wondering what the next steps are? Should we have been reached out to by email already and I just missed it? I joined the Facebook group and I set up my Passport York account using the Student ID I got on my acceptance letter, but wondering if there is anything else I should be looking out for in the meantime. I know we get emails with our sections in the late summer, but wondering if anything comes before that. TIA!
  2. Hi all! If I currently have an LSAT score on file, but am also signed up for a future LSAT date, does that mean schools will not consider that file until I write the LSAT again? Would it be possible to get an offer of admission with my current score, or will they not touch my file until that date? Thanks in advance!!
  3. This totally makes sense, thanks so much for the feedback. These are only a small portion of my softs that i've highlighted in this post, and my LORs are actually not from anyone in the legal field! I was also planning to speak on my volunteer work, leadership in other, non law-related clubs, journal publications, etc. But I definitely see what you're saying not to fall back on these and to not bank on the fact that they indicate anything about my character, thank you again!
  4. 3.77 OLSAS GPA, 3.91 L2, 160, really strong softs (pre-law executive, pre-law journal editor, interned at two law firms, among other things), strong LORs
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