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  1. without giving out the specifics of the firm - the practice is structured in a way where the managing partners do not have a caseload and they just 'manage'/oversee everyone's files w/ minimal interference. they are more focused on getting new business. so they technically do not 'bill' like the other associates. the firm is new and is growing rapidly with new lawyers. I summered at the firm as well. I'm technically the 5th oldest employee lol. I take on a lot of files, and I bill a lot. billing information is also not hidden at the firm and is accessible. my math is not wrong.
  2. The firm I'm articling at gave me a hire back offer a few weeks back, and I'm not sure whether or not I should negotiate. I am very grateful that I have been given an offer. I've been offered 75k, it's a boutique firm in a major Canadian city. according to my research, it's considered on the higher end of the range given the practice area. the firm itself is quite a high volume practice and the pandemic has also increased business quite a bit. there are 10 other lawyers. due to the nature of the practice area, clients are billed a flat fee. there are no billable hours. we are encouraged to keep track of our billing. I'm halfway through my articling term right now, and I have currently billed 200k. I anticipate that once I'm done articling I will have billed almost 400k. from my understand, I think I am billing the second highest at the firm. as an articling student, I am given the same level of responsibility as an associate and have complete independence over my files. my work has not gone unnoticed by the partners (have been given bonuses, good performance reviews). I am really glad to have been hired back, but I am thinking of negotiating a higher salary because of my performance. I'm not sure if it's inappropriate since I am an articling student. would it be in poor taste if I asked for a raise of 10k, or a compensation on a percentage per fee basis (20%)? please be kind - I'm not trying to be dense/ignorant/ungrateful. I'm looking for some guidance and advice.
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