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  1. What were your EC's? If you don't mind me asking.
  2. Ah yes I should have rephrased that, meaning that I have a lot of times to write the LSAT after my January attempt. Im trying to keep my number of attempts relatively low (say 2-3?)
  3. @SNAILS thank you so much for your comment. That makes me feel good, and will do. As stated I am taking a year off after undergrad and plan to write in January and April of this year: If I score anything above a 156/7 then I'll feel good but I still have an insane number of attempts to get the 160
  4. Man like a month if that lol. I'll give it more time for sure
  5. You're right, I'll actively gun for the 160 Lucky! Especially since I'm taking a year off and would only want to start Law School in Fall of 2022
  6. Yeah well to be fair I wrote it in a rush and didn't actually have much time to study at all. I wonder, if I end up getting something like a 157 how my odds would fair
  7. Gotcha. I'll gun for a 160 then just to be safe but won't be too bummed out if I get a 157. Yeah I'm glad my average can carry me somewhat
  8. Man your stats are so similar to mine haha even your LSAT! Did you end up getting in?
  9. Hello, What would my acceptance odds be at Windsor? My stats are the following: cGPA: 3.70, L2: 3.9, LSAT: 150
  10. Understood, thanks for the answer. What do you suspect my odds being if I got the LSAT score up to a 155?
  11. Yeah, hoping to get a 155 ish. I think my GPA is strong, I have good EC's (judo competitor, taught and competed in Taekwondo and taught Muay Thai) and good letters of reference. Why do you suspect that my odds are so low?
  12. cGPA: 3.7/4.0 B2: 3.9/4.0 LSAT 150 (rip) What are my odds for uOttawa?
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