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  1. Hopefully get to that stage soon, good luck with your application!!
  2. Has anyones status changed to pending since Christmas break?
  3. I had my file completed around December 1st and still don't have letter grade or lsat mark on application so I think they may have gotten through a batch to get assessed first and will hopefully eventually get to others soon!
  4. Is anyone else that applied for early admission that has a completed application still have no letter grade?
  5. That did the trick, hopefully this can help someone else haha
  6. Is anyone else having issues checking in on their application? Mine won't let me log in, says authentication failed... is is possibly because of winter break?
  7. No, I completed the November LSAT and my file was complete mid November after I had to resend my personal statement.
  8. Are there people who submitted for early admission that still don't have a letter grade next to their transcript? Getting antsy checking for it everyday
  9. The GPA is added to file when the file is being sent to the admissions committee, so your file can be complete without the letter grade on transcript and will be updated once it's moving along in the process of review. Hope that makes sense?
  10. My file is completed, it's been complete since mid November...now I'm anxious haha
  11. Is the grade next to the transcript new? I don't see that anywhere on my application.
  12. I'm wondering the same thing, I received the email informing me my application is complete and ready for review but when I look they haven't updated my LSAT score... wondering if emailing them to ask might be the safest choice.
  13. Really hoping someone can give me some insight, my L2 3.89/4.33 and lsat 156. Hoping this is good enough or should I give the lsat another go? thank you in advance!
  14. I was hoping to find some insight on how sharing on your application that you were asked to academically withdraw from an institution looks. I did poorly due to personal reasons that were outside of my control. I withdrew and took a year off to focus on myself and reapplied to a different institution, there I was able to complete a degree with a cGPA 3.98. I noticed in the application process that you are required to provide a list of transcripts from all post-secondary institutions, so they will see my poor grades from the first institution. I am mainly applying to schools in Canada that only look at your last two years in order to avoid schools looking at my failed grades from my first year. Will this significantly impact my application? Will they look at my application differently because I have been asked to withdraw from a school? I did provide information in my personal statement that I was struggling with personal circumstances. Really hoping someone can help me with these questions, thank you in advance!!
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