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  1. You're right, looks like the oxford seminars is way off now. And sorry the post wasn't too focused I was just looking for some general discussion about prices, since schools like UVic are still about half of schools like queens. I hadn't looked at things this way, it certainly makes queens/western seem more viable. I would never want to live in Toronto so if I went to queens/western I would try to get a job in Ottawa near my family. As for the small town nature thing, I likely won't get to visit Victoria due to the pandemic, so I am willing to take your word on this. I guess my comparison point would be London or Kingston. In my head, Victoria is nice hikes 30 mins away, amazing surfing opportunities, a beach to chill at nearby, some half decent ski hills (I'm used to the smallest hills you can imagine) and year round golf. UBC on the other hand has the best mountains in the world nearby, although I could foresee that the hour+ long drive to get there (and I don't have a car) could be a bit of a damper.
  2. Hi guys, Applying to law schools right now, and couldn't help but notice incredible price disparities. For example UofT is over 30k per year, queens/western is around 20, and Ottawa/Uvic and UBC are around 10. I would much rather go to Western than Ottawa, but can double tuition be justified? 30k in total is a lot of money, and I definitely would never take a big law job in Toronto to make up for it. For context, I have LSAT 166 and GPA 3.83/4, and am still trying to figure out where to apply. Am leaning towards UVic for the price, prestige, and location (I like smaller towns/cities and lots of nature) but staying at home in Ontario would have its upsides as well. Thanks!
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