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  1. 3.73/166 and still under evaluation. Glad to hear there are people with similar stats who have not yet received offers. I am sure our time will come
  2. 3.73/166, in queue since December 15th. Might bury myself in the snow today.
  3. If their approach is truly holistic, these are all factors they should be taking into account. Keep your head up, it’s still too early to tell
  4. I’m sure we will find out soon! Best of luck!! Don’t worry, I am sure that your GPA being a teenager won’t affect your chances - as long as it’s up to standards. Good luck to us all!
  5. Hope you hear from UofT very soon!!
  6. Hi! It’s been over a month since this thread was updated. Have any mature students heard back from schools? I was accepted to Western in December and rejected from McGill this week. Not sure if other schools are reviewing mature applicants...
  7. Wow okay I was feeling sorry for myself but this is just incredible. I am really sorry to hear that and congratulations on your other acceptances.
  8. The waiting game continues. Thank you, I really needed to hear that!
  9. No reason! I was simply told that the pool of applicants every year is very competitive, yada yada... Try again next year. Nothing specific in my letter. I am not sure about others.
  10. The email is an update notification. You have to go to Minerva to check the status of your application!
  11. I touched on it briefly in my essay but I honestly did not think it would greatly harm my application. I will find out soon enough for the other schools...
  12. I had health issues during my second year of university and had to late withdraw from 6 courses overall. Though it didn’t affect my GPA, I can imagine it probably didn’t help my application. Thank you for the kind words and don’t lose hope unless your transcript is full of withdrawals too!
  13. Not sure if there is a thread for rejections. Was rejected today - just got the email and checked on Minerva. cGPA 3.73, LSAT 166, mature applicant Disappointed but wishing all of you the best of luck!
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