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  1. Hi! I have provisionally accepted an offer but was waitlisted at my first choice school shortly after. On July 1st, when the acceptance becomes firm, will I no longer be on the waitlist? If I am still on the waitlist and receive an offer post July 1st, would I simply decline the first acceptance and lose the deposit? I am sorry for all the questions, I am losing my mind trying to plan for the upcoming year. Thank you and, as always, good luck to everyone still waiting.
  2. A little late - I thought I posted here already but I’m clearly just losing my mind. Added to the waitlist on April 23rd. 3.73 / 166 / mature / filled out Part B
  3. Accepted today! Received an email. cGPA: 3.73 LSAT: 166 Mature applicant. Will be declining.
  4. Thanks for bringing this positivity!! That just made my day! July 1st is far away.
  5. @SpicyRibsauce @futurelawyer9 Just the information I needed! Thank you so much!
  6. Happy Saturday! I provisionally accepted the offer I received from Western and was waitlisted at Osgoode yesterday. Osgoode remains my first choice, so I was wondering whether the provisional acceptance turns into a firm acceptance automatically by a certain date. If not, do I just wait and pray? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you
  7. I think that there are many other aspects to consider in an application. I am only speculating, but my GPA is slightly lower than yours and my LSAT score is slightly higher than yours, but I received a decision in December. I am guessing that they are still looking at your EC, letter of references, etc. All to say, there's really no saying when, since your GPA and LSAT don't seem to be the deciding factors... Be strong!
  8. I am confused. If you are planning on attending Osgoode, why didn’t you firmly accept? You would be freeing up spots for people hoping to attend Queen’s. Unless you provisionally accepted only to see whether or not you would be accepted to Queen’s - though I highly doubt anyone would be that selfish.
  9. I am sorry my post still wasn’t clear. I am trying to decide between Queen’s and Western - while waiting for Osgoode. Apparently I have until EOD tomorrow! Thank you for your help and if you are also waiting, best of luck
  10. I thought that provisionally accepting one of the offers I’ve received would cancel the other ones? To clarify, I am waiting for Osgoode but still need to make a provisional acceptance for one of the offers I received. So yeah, one day is really going to sway me.
  11. Wondering the same thing!!
  12. Rejected - 3.73, 166. Knew it was a long shot, but the bit of hope I had has finally died :’)
  13. Hopefully some movement this week. Stay strong, 3.70ish/160ish squad!
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