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  1. Environmental law would be the dream (I did a biology undergrad) but I'm pretty open to a lot of other possibilities. I know how much one's career goals can change in a few years (hence my B.Sc.)
  2. Super glad to hear I'm not the only one that'll be living as a ball of stress for the next few months. I know it's important to relax but sometimes it's impossible. I think it's going to get worse when a bunch of people start getting accepted in January.
  3. From my understanding it's best 2 full years. So they take your average from each consecutive fall and winter semester (assuming you were at a full course load) and pick the best 2. For those of us in fourth year right now, I don't think they count our fall marks for B2 until our winter ones come in April.
  4. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Queens sends out rejections for a little while so I wouldn't be concerned about getting a rejection before the new year. However, Queens mostly looks at your B2 which means your fall grades probably won't have much of an impact on your admission until your winter 2021 grades come in. I was confused about this as well (I'm banking on my fall grades to get into Western) so I emailed admissions and this is what they said: "Queen’s Law looks at your best two years. We define a “best year” as your highest scoring Fall & Winter terms that were completed at a full load." From what I grasp the Queens B2 and Western L2 can be pretty different for a lot of people because Western does it by semester and Queens does it by year.
  5. I also got Ottawa on Monday (but none of the other ones have come yet). I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but I applied to do an undergrad at Ottawa in grade 12 so I already had a student number and a uoZone account. Maybe that's why some people got it sooner than others.
  6. So I've been reading acceptance threads and it seems like for at least the first few acceptances lakehead actually sends out phone calls to inform applicants they were accepted. Does anyone know if they do this for everyone or if it's just early acceptances? I'm wondering if I need to be careful of unexpected phone calls for the next few months or if I should just be checking on OLSAS once 2021 comes along.
  7. Same thing happened to me! The first time I wrote I thought it went incredibly well and got a 160. The second time was a disaster and ended in tears. Checked my mark to see I got a 163.
  8. This was super helpful thank you so much!!
  9. Hi! Thanks so much for doing this! I have a few questions. First of all everyone is saying that Queens is becoming more and more corporate focused. In your opinion do you think this would be a disadvantage for someone who probably isn't super interested in corporate?? Also I know that Queens is pretty well known for having a big sense of community/school spirit, has this been completely ruined because of covid or do you think that moving to Kingston would make it possible to make friends (assuming school is online next year as well)?
  10. Yup, as soon as they're in you send an updated transcript. If you haven't gotten in by April they'll also use your winter 2021 grades to help make their decision.
  11. Here's a quote from the FAQ portion of the Lawstudents website:
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