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  1. Not sure what schools you're aiming for but I got into ottawa and queens with three C's and a D+ (also a much lower cGPA than you in general)
  2. Accepted! Got the email at 1:59pm April 22nd. No update on portal yet. Applied General cGPA: 3.52 B2: 3.7ish LSAT: 160, 163 (August 2020)
  3. It seems like kijiji is one of the more popular ones so I'm sure it's very useful. Someone commented on this forum a while ago about https://www.padmapper.com/apartments/ottawa-on and I find it's a lot more user-friendly so that's where I've been looking!
  4. I was hoping to get some advice when it comes to housing in Ottawa. I’ve read through most of the threads here which have been super helpful regarding what areas to look for apartments etc. I was wondering if anyone knows how difficult it is to find a roommate who is also in 1L. Are there usually some students looking to connect with roommates once the facebook page is formed or are most people interested in one bedrooms? Also I’m coming from a university town where like 95% of leases that are within 20 minutes of the school start in May. I’m assuming the situation is a little different in Ottawa. Is it reasonable to expect to find a lease that starts in August or September or do most ones near the university begin in May?
  5. Ok so I just got admitted to Ottawa and I'm about 80% sure I'll be accepting. As a fourth year the senioritis really hit me like a truck overnight and I have exactly 0 motivation to do any work anymore. Other than doing the bare minimum to complete my degree (by bare minimum I mean getting 60's and 70's not 50's), is there any reason I should keep my grades up? Are there opportunities that I might want to apply for in 1L that would ask for my undergraduate transcript (and will frown at some B's or C's instead of straight A's in my last semester)?
  6. Just now (Feb 10th)!! I checked like 2 hours ago and it still said under evaluation so it must have updated around 7pm.
  7. Literally shaking right now. First acceptance!! cGPA: 3.52 LSAT 163 Extra-curriculars were unique-ish, a bunch of research experience, BSc Can't believe I got in so early with this cGPA
  8. Damn they could have titled the email differently at least. I was 2 seconds away from calling my parents lol
  9. I literally almost got a heart attack...
  10. I've been trying to figure this out for a hot minute now. I emailed admissions and they helped a little but I'm still not 100% sure how it works. I'm not sure if this helps but this is from the email they sent me. "When we say that we will not break up semesters, this means that we would not select out 3 courses from your Winter 2019 semester in order to include exactly 20 semestered courses in your GPA calculation. Instead we will use all of the courses from your Winter 2019 semester, even if that means that slightly more than 20 semestered courses are included."
  11. How would you say the environment at uOttawa is? One person I spoke to said that a bunch of the students are a little pessimistic about being at Ottawa because it "isn't most people's first choice". This seems completely absurd to me (I'm aware that it's an incredible law school and that it's many people's first choice) but I wanted to confirm that from your perspective most people seem genuinely happy to be there. Also I heard that uOttawa in general isn't super big on school spirit. Is that true for the law school as well and does that seem to bring down the mood? I'm coming from an undergrad where most people were super spirited (ex. always wearing school colours, going to football games + homecoming, always saying how great the school is) and I really enjoy that sort of atmosphere so I'm wondering if I'd be lacking that in law school.
  12. Judging from past accepted threads I'm thinking it should be any day now (assuming they haven't started already and no one has posted about it yet).
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