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  1. Hi, so my referee submitted the LOR and hour after the deadline passed. Is this going to negatively affect my application? Should I email admissions at the law schools and explain what happened. Thank you in advance.
  2. No, you do not. CAS is for applying to American Schools.
  3. What do you mean by email them? Like email each schools admission?
  4. Hey, so I'm planning to retake the LSAT in Jan and wondering if i should include an addendum saying I'm retaking in Jan, was not able to do as well on my initial test. I have not registered for the Jan test, I'm just scared they'll pass my application after seeing my score. I did indicate on OLSAS that I intend to take the Jan test, but have not physically registered for it yet.
  5. Should I still apply by the Nov. 1 date and then indicate I am retaking?
  6. So I got a 146 on the August LSAT, and I am still applying for Fall 2021 year. My cGPA is a 3.79. I really do not want to retake the test. What are my chances of getting accepted to at least Windsor or Ottawa? I am thinking about retaking in Jan, should I make it known on my application or write an addendum.
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