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  1. I emailed them and they said they are behind in processing them due to COVID. Mine were emailed on the 16th and my online status still says they haven't processed them.
  2. congrats! So you are completing your third year now? When did you apply? Was the offer conditional?
  3. I personally put my manager and a personal friend. I believe (but am not sure) that it asks you not to put direct family as your verifiers. My understanding is that yes, it is okay if your verifiers can't confirm every single thing on your application.(I am only an applicant so take everything I am saying with a grain of salt).
  4. I believe last year the first round got phone calls and after that emails (I am anxiously awaiting as well and was expecting there would be at-least a few offers out this week, and am surprised there are not)
  5. That's so weird; when did you apply? I applied Oct 27th and it still says additional item(s) required. I called and they confirmed that all that's missing is my fall grades. My stats are quite high so I did have some hope I would be accepted first round
  6. Does anyone know if they ever let in students with an incomplete application (ie. still waiting on fall grades)
  7. I want to do a few years of corporate law to pay off the debt I will undoubtedly incur, and then work in immigration and refugee law after that!
  8. I did call and she did say there is an auto admit index, where they don't look at your personal statement. It varies year by year but historically has been as low as 905 and as high as 920
  9. I contacted them about this. They will accept students completing third year with a conditional offer. You must complete your third year by June 30th and maintain your average or similar
  10. Will UVic accept you if you are in the process of completing your third year? I am aware that you only need three full years to apply but what if you are in the process of completing it? (Will they accept you on the condition that you complete at least 30/40 classes before starting in September?) for context: 83% average (slightly above a 3.7 I believe) and LSAT of 170
  11. Yes 170 is documented! I should qualify need based as well, as I have been taking out student loans to complete my undergrad
  12. I want to attend either Uvic or UBC, and would love to have most of my tuition covered by scholarships as I want to work for a non profit after I graduate. Thanks!
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