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  1. I believe under review means they are in the processing of actively assessing your application, decision pending means they have looked at it, but have yet to make a final decision (my understanding is under review should only stay for a week or two whereas decision pending can be your status for months)
  2. I got accepted everywhere I applied but can't help but feel it was a fluke, that I'm not 'ready' for law school. Anyone else struggling with imposter syndrome?
  3. I would assume 80%+ have been offered out and they are just waiting for acceptances/ rejections. I know for myself I had to put a deposit down by March 1st (which I didn't), so my seat has been reoffered to someone else
  4. I *thought* (and could be totally wrong) that it isn't necessarily that your fourth year isn't look at, but rather that your Fall grades aren't looked at (for the cycle you are applying in). So if someone finished their fourth year in the summer and fall terms, they would still look at the summer courses.
  5. Got the email 10 minutes ago! Applied late November 82% average with no drops (not sure how drops work as I am still completing my third year) LSAT: 170 (97th percentile) offer is conditional on completion of my third year at my current academic standing. Leaning towards attending UVic but am definitely considering this offer!
  6. yes - every single change in grade goes down by 0.33 or 0.34 as far down as C which is a 2.0, then D is 1.0 and F is a 0!
  7. it's a 3.67, they emailed me a resource sheet with how to convert your grades earlier this cycle
  8. There's a facebook group that's popular called UVic off campus housing. Also craigslist and to a lesser extent places4students. There is definitely some word of mouth finds as well but not much you can do about that unless you know people. I've gone through the process of finding housing twice and it's not normally too hard, there are lots of affordable places on good bus routes to or within walking distance of UVic! I'd say a lot easier than bigger cities like Vancouver or Toronto, but that's just a guess!
  9. I am starting at UVic law next year so can't speak too much to specific law costs, but as a current UVic student I can say that most people I know budget between 1500-2000 a month to live including rent (assuming they don't own a car). Rent can vary from about 600 in a shared house up to 900 in a smaller place maybe with an ensuite, and if living alone is important to you you'll be looking at 1200-1500 in rent.
  10. I think that's a totally fair statement to say that every year is different! At the same time, I do think that UVic's reputation as a school that promotes collegiality does mean that the students that attend UVic might factor this into their decision process. For me, the deciding factor really is that I believe UVic is supposed to be more collegial (and I don't think I'm the only one). Thus, I want a collegial education, I will go to UVic. I hope many other students in my class are choosing UVic for the same reason. Also (as a current UVic student), the ferry rides aren't too bad, you can get lots of work done on them - and it will only be a couple times in your last year!
  11. I have no clue what that means, but the application under review status seems to last around a week or less for most people, so I would just wait that out, and if it's still the same status I would maybe contact them. (Just advice from a 0L)
  12. Like many others I am sure, I am debating between UBC and UVic. I am leaning towards UVic as I feel it'll be a more positive experience (less competitive and more social). I would love to hear some other people opinions on either why they are leaning towards UVic or another law school over UVic?
  13. FYI: I am the original poster and received an acceptance on Tuesday (the 26th). So the turn-around time for me was 2.5-3 weeks
  14. Got the call earlier today LSAT 170 GPA 3.68 Applied mid-November, however just completed my application last Thursday 3rd year conditional acceptance
  15. Just received the email! Applied in my third year, meaning I won't be completing my degree GPA; 82% (3.69/4.33) (L2 is the same as I have only completed 2.5 years) LSAT: 170 (97th percentile) (2nd try; first attempt 164) virtually no volunteer experience, however I worked full time in the restaurant industry and travelled extensively before beginning my degree, which is what I focused on in my essay. Still waiting to hear from other schools, but definitely will consider this offer seriously! Congrats everyone!
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