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  1. Tbf I don't think the date on the portal really matters, it's just a time stamp for when all your application materials were recieved marking your application ready for review. From what I've seen it won't change again until you have your admissions decision. 🤷‍♀️
  2. If you want people to chance you for UBC including you UBC % GPA would probably be helpful!
  3. Yeah that's true, but I worry that if I just ask about the performance courses they'll essentially copy and paste the same vague "maybe, maybe not" answer that they provide on their website. If I ask for my GPA I'll be able to see right away whether or not they actually counted those grades. Plus with dropping my grades, idk man one wrong click on a course and my GPA could look very different. There's room for error everywhere, and with all the other mistakes they've been making I can't help but want to make sure that everything is okay with my application as well. 🙁 It's also like I said before, a good way to potentially gauge things. If my GPA is so easy for them to access, but I'm being told to wait both until end of Feburary and end of March, perhaps there's a little more work that goes into it. It also shows me that my file is definitely not being reviewed anytime soon. 😅 Essentially out of one question about my GPA I also get an answer about my performance courses, an answer about the accuracy of my GPA, and an answer about where my file is, all in one question instead of three.
  4. I have some performance courses and they don't definitively say that they will count the grades, but also don't definitively say that they won't. I wanted to ask for my GPA to essentially see whether or not they did because it would make a big difference in my index score! Plus I don't doubt that even as a UBC student, when dropping courses they might make a mistake. Asking about my GPA also seems like a good way to gauge where they might be with my application.
  5. Here is yet another update. 🙃 After they told me to wait a few more weeks in early February, I quickly responded to that email asking if they could possibly provide me with a more concrete time estimate. They responded today letting me know that I should check at the end of March -- this is in the same thread that they told me just a few weeks. 🥴 I would call them, but I feel like they're gonna write me off as annoying (which I am to be fair). My file has been complete since December. 😭
  6. You can use this predictor to get a very general idea https://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/UBC/Predict, but note that it's got a very small sample size of data from an accepted thread in 2016. It puts you at 90.84, the average according to the Allard website is around 91.79 and a "safe" index score is over 92. So the chances are apparently quite low, but it's worth remembering that it can't be an average without lower stats being added into the equation. Plus, Allard has claimed that it's now weighing personal statements equal to your GPA and LSAT, so who knows what's to come in the later rounds! I'm also a random person on the internet and not a member of any admissions committee, so my opinion doesn't really matter at the end of the day lol. Best of luck to both of us! 😖
  7. Might be helpful for you to list your UBC GPA! The OLSAS GPA and UBC % are not consistent at all.
  8. Yeah I assume that most students would want to live as close as possible to UBC, and probably wouldn't want to make the commute from other "cheaper" areas in and around Vancouver 😢. Definitely hard to get into residence, but note to future UBC students ... if you get a spot in residence and are looking to save money omg please take it. Some people don't realize just how good a deal UBC residences are in comparison to the situation off campus!!!
  9. I would say that Vancouver isn't very accurate. If students attending Allard are looking to live in the area, it's going to be significantly more expensive unless they get into a UBC residence. If those prices really were true to Vancouver, you wouldn't see students renting out closets, dens, and living rooms in a desperate attempt to afford living here lol.
  10. I hate phone calls and I'm sure the office doesn't like receiving them either, but it looks like I'll have to resort to this. 😅 Man it would be so much easier for everyone if they just added our GPAs to the portal, instead of having to be bombarded with emails and phone calls requesting it ... 😬
  11. Update: I waited 3 weeks like Allard told me and emailed them again requesting my GPA for the second time, and they still don't have it. They told me to email again in "a couple of weeks." For context I applied early/mid November and literally go to UBC. 😭
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