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  1. Shoot. I forgot to mention, it’s a 4 year degree!
  2. Yes it’s a 3.8! Should I mention the first LSAT in case or is it pointless?
  3. Hey people! I just needed some help regarding my LSAT score and personal statement. I got 151 the first time I wrote the LSAT, which I just wrote as a practice run, barely studying. The second time around I studied and got 160. I know U of A averages LSAT scores so I was wondering if I should mention why I got a low score in my personal statement? And what are my chances? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! I am new to this forum and am applying to Ottawa, Queens, Osgoode, U of A and U of C as a 3rd year applicant. My stats according to OLSAS are 3.75 and a 160 LSAT (first write was 151 which was a trial run to be honest). I was wondering if it is rare for a 3rd year applicant to get in to any of these schools and what are my chances? Thanks in advance!
  5. I was just wondering how rare it is for a 3rd year (out of 4) applicant to get in?
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