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  1. Well you should always be listening and understanding. Taking notes is a personal choice.
  2. Reddit is never a good source, but from what I understand (as a 0L), the answer to your question is that it depends. The internet in general is not a great place to look for this info, and the stuff you do find will usually result in unnecessary anxiety in my experience.
  3. Yes sir. Fair point, law might be more like humanities. I mean it certainly doesn't hurt to be a good writer and I imagine makes the entire process a lot easier, but my point is that it's the work and findings that really matter not necessarily that the writing is compelling, I suspect that would be true in humanities as well, but I could very well be wrong.
  4. I'm just a 0L but I'm still going to offer some potentially useless advice anyway because I did go to grad school and I am published (for grad work). Maybe academia in law is completely different and I'm way off here, but writing is in my experience a very small part of it. Some of the best academics are the absolute worst writers. You actually just have to be really good at studying, and you mentioned you are not a big fan of that. Have you thought about maybe putting up a blog or submitting some work to a conference? Might be a good potential outlet to "contribute to the conversation", and maybe even get recognition if it's good.
  5. If you enjoy being told "idk" then yes.
  6. Dear U of A, I regret to inform you that I will not be extending my winter grades to you at this time. As you may know it has been an unusually competitive cycle and I encourage you to try again next year. Best of luck.
  7. I'm slightly concerned that I may be perusing LS.ca in my sleep now.
  8. wth.. how did I respond to a year old thread. I swear it looked new. I'm losing my mind. I still stand by my post whenever this topic pops up lol.
  9. This isn't meant as a judgement because I think the same way (and maybe it is just me), but I feel like these threads always serve the purpose of giving the person asking the feeling of being productive with no actual intent to do any of the things suggested.
  10. Your GPA is fine but it's impossible to tell without an LSAT score
  11. I mean it's your journey, so do what you want but you're getting good warnings from people that have actually gone through the study process. Start with attainable increases. Try to break 155 as your first goal, count that as a success, then go from there. Don't worry about predicting next years index now, and don't make your goal 170 until you hit 165.
  12. Or maybe they saw this person's great stats and accepted them and also accepted the person with comparable stats.
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