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  1. THANKS! Osgoode is awesome congrats and good luck to you!!! I provisionally accepted Ottawa, so that looks likely, but I'm still hopeful for Queens or Western. AWESOME!!! What year?
  2. THANKS! Congrats to you too! I’m attending this September. Also I second the recommendation for JPPL! Awesome program!
  3. OMG GUYS... I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!! CGPA: 3.50 L2: 3.67 LSAT: 159 Decent ECs. Applied with special considerations only with respect to one semester in my third year where I had some medical issues. I was SOOOOO stressed. But I'm so glad I finally got an acceptance. Everyone keep your chins up. I know it's easier said than done, but your time will come. Brb happy crying..
  4. Honestly, that podcast didn't go over anything new; I’ve already heard most of what they discussed with respect to the increased competitiveness. but it still felt like I was hearing it for the first time, my heart still sank. It just sucks because I’ve been planning to apply for the 2021 cycle FOR YEARS. And I’m sure none of us were expecting this. Anyways, good luck to all still waiting. While applying, someone told me the wait would be harder than the actual application prep... Hit it right on the nose!
  5. Hey everyone! Sorry I stopped responding. Took a well needed break from this site!! It honestly helped. I wish the best of luck to everyone! All of these stats seem quite competitive.
  6. Welcome aboard !! Lol. Solid upward trend !!!
  7. Same to you! Awesome LSAT btw
  8. Definitely definitely hang in there your turn will come for sure!!
  9. Hang in there that’s a rlly good LSAT!!!
  10. Toby, Thanks so much for your response. Your words of wisdom do mean a lot. I think I need a break from checking this forum as well as the portals FOR SURE. P.S. I know you're the Scranton Strangler...
  11. Hey Friend, Thanks for your response! Stay hopeful!!! Solid LSAT btw.
  12. Growing more and more anxious by the day. A sense of camaraderie would definitely help! CGPA: 3.5 L2: 3.67 LSAT: 159 (August) Trying to stay strong and maintain hope! What I recommend to everyone still waiting; hard to take your own advice though lol.
  13. I'm in the exact same boat!!
  14. In Queue Feb. 10 GPA: 3.5 L2: 3.67 LSAT: 159
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