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  1. In Queue Feb. 10 GPA: 3.5 L2: 3.67 LSAT: 159
  2. I have a L2 of 3.67 and an LSAT of 159 @Luckycharm gave me some feedback. Check my post history!!! Good luck!!
  3. Hey! Actually, no I didn’t. I wrote the august LSAT. It would make sense that they are waiting in your case. As to mine, I might follow up with an email.
  4. Maybe try searching for Class profiles of each of the law schools you’re interested in. I think you can track down some Info from the past years that includes GPA and LSAT scores, as well as a lot of other data. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but hope it helps
  5. Hey! Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but I saw your previous posts and you got accepted into a number of schools for last year's cycle (including Queens) with different (higher) stats. Just confused and was replying for some clarification, as I have somewhat similar stats and was quite pleased to see you got in this earlier in the 2021 cycle.
  6. Indeed we do!! Good luck to you and to all!
  7. Lol was wondering the same! - following as well
  8. Mine says this too. I'm assuming "pending review" is to come after the "completed" status. Let's see what happens.
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! Definitely put my mind at ease thanks for all the feedback.
  10. CGPA: 3.5 L2: 3.67 LSAT: 159 I applied this cycle thinking I had a good chance at either queens or western, and if those don’t work out I should be able to make Ottawa. About midway November, after looking through this beloved forum and realizing the competitiveness of the cycle, I’m completely terrified. For the past three weeks I’ve been scouring through this forum and further scaring myself. My stats, in my mind, went from somewhat competitive to absolutely terrible, and these first round admission stats aren’t helping my case. Anyone have any advice? Any words to calm my nerves lol. Do I still have a shot? What about the February lsat. Worth the rewrite?? I’m driving myself crazy. Applied to queens, western, Ottawa, Oz (HA!), and Windsor. Take care to all. And my apologies in advance if i further bring about distraught to others in a similar position to me.
  11. I know that schools like Western organize it based on average LSAT scores. Not sure about others
  12. If you click Academic Background and view your transcript from your school you should be able to see the GPA achieved within each year of your undergrad. And so I just added the last two years and divided by 2 to get the average lol.
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