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  1. I think it's hard to use other people's statements as a reference because any two statements can be so different! It really depends on your experiences and what you are trying to show the law school(s) you're applying to
  2. Yeah I'm applying to Queen's, Western, Ryerson, Windsor, Dal, and Lakehead (and obviously Ottawa). I am thinking of applying to Calgary too.
  3. B2 is 3.69 and yes I've got a reason and supporting documentation for the poor grades. I would apply under special consideration I think.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if it is worth applying this fall: my cGPA is 3.0, b2 3.7, LSAT: 149, 153, 157, and 156. I know that Calgary takes an average of the LSATs so I'm not sure I have great chances, but I would love to go to Calgary. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! I had a question that I'm hoping someone can answer - if I wanted to apply for the JD/MA at Ottawa/Carleton and they chose to reject me for that program, could I still be considered for a JD at Ottawa? Would I need to file two separate applications? I am really interested in that program, but I'm not sure how competitive I am. My cGPA is ~3.0, b2 3.69, highest LSAT is 157 and I'm retaking in Jan in hopes of getting in the 160 range. I have gotten some great volunteer and work experience in the years since undergrad, working at non-profit clinic for women who have experienced gbv and volunteering with the Liberal Party amongst other things. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm going to be applying this fall and I'm wondering what my chances are. I think my PS is good, I have solid references, and I have worked at a women's clinic for about a year. LSAT: 149, 153, 157, 156 cGPA: ~3.1 B2: ~3.7 I was considering applying under Access because there were extenuating circumstances in my first year of undergrad that affected my cGPA. But with all of this in mind, would it be worth writing the LSAT again or do I have a decent shot? Thanks!
  7. I am going to be applying broadly, but Queen's is one of my top choices. I'm thinking Queen's, Western, Windsor, Ryerson, Ottawa, Lakehead, and Dalhousie. Would you stick to 50% chance for Queen's if I was in the general category?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm wondering what my chances are. I will probably be applying under Access because of extenuating circumstances that occured in my first year, but here are my stats: LSAT: 149, 153, 157, 156 cGPA: 3.1 B2: 3.7 Good ECs, and great work experience in the two years I have been out of undergrad. I'm also wondering if it's worth taking the LSAT again... I have taken it so many times already, but if I could get a 160 would it be worth it? Thanks!
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