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  1. Accepted April 15th LSAT: 161 (twice) CGPA: 3.66 L2: 3.8 ish Goodluck to all
  2. August and November both 161
  3. Accepted April 9th LSAT: 161 CGPA: 3.66 B2: 3.8ish Best of luck!
  4. Man Wanda is so nice. Accepted today: LSAT: 161 CGPA: 3.66 L:2: 3.8ish
  5. Accepted yesterday. LSAT: 161 CGPA: 3.66 L2: 3.8ish
  6. Rejected on the 12th: LSAT: 161 CGPA: 3.68
  7. Rejected last week: LSAT: 161 GPA: 3.68 Dalhousie here we come
  8. Right?! And they're all so proud to be at Dal Law or if they're alum from Dal Law. It seems pretty cool.
  9. Message me and I can send you a link to some of the stuff... I think.
  10. Hi all, To those that attended the Weldon Welcome Day what did you think? Personally, I thought it was well done and obviously would've been better in person. The collegiality and love/pride for the school seems infectious. Best, Mike
  11. Waitlisted yesterday. LSAT: 161 GPA 3.63 L2 3.7-3.8 Varsity athlete with I think good ECs.
  12. Hi all, Is there anyone out there who accepted their Dal admission and are looking for roommates?
  13. This update was posted yesterday regarding in person classes next year: Planning for 2021-22 academic year Operations Provost's Updates Queen's looks forward to expanding on-campus activities for Fall term. Feb 10, 2021 Planning for the 2021-22 year is underway, and we look forward to expanding on-campus activities in the fall term. Decisions regarding on-campus activities are guided by the Academic Operations Group and the Campus Operations Group, and the Senior Leadership Team. These groups consider a range of factors, including advice from local Public Health officials, the evolution of government regulations, consultation with bargaining agents, input from student governments, international travel restrictions, forecasts on the vaccine roll-out in Canada, and the varied needs of students, staff, and faculty. We will still be living with COVID-19 in the fall, so flexible options may still be required as appropriate. Fall 2021: As part of society’s hope to be back to some degree of normalcy by fall, we are planning that many small classes, labs, and tutorials will be offered in-person, with appropriate safety protocols in place. If restrictions remain in place throughout the fall, such as physical distancing measures and class size limitations, we expect most large classes may need to be delivered remotely. Winter 2022: Depending on the vaccine distribution timeline, government regulations, and public health guidance, we are cautiously optimistic that on-campus activities will return to normal in the winter term. I know this past year has been challenging, and I want to thank the Queen’s community again for all you have done to adapt to these difficult circumstances and limit the spread of COVID-19. Updates on the 2021-22 academic year will be shared on this website as more information is available. Mark Green Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
  14. Congrats that's awesome! I am also sitting with a 161... let it be our time LOL!
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