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  1. Hi everyone, For anyone who has applied to American law schools but has attended Canadian schools for their undergraduate, how did you approach the CAS gpa conversion? LSAC won't process your transcript if you do not sign up for their CAS, but I also don't want to sign up for it unnecessarily if I won't like what my gpa conversion will end up being. I believe my grades are also right on the cusp of being within the range for the American schools I want to apply to which doesn't help, nor does LSAC's confusing/conflicting information on how the gpa is converted. For example, according to this information (https://www.lsac.org/applying-law-school/jd-application-process/jd-application-requirements/academic-record#GradeConversionTable), it seems that percentage grades between 83-86 would be a 3.0 gpa. But according to their interpretive guide (https://www.lsac.org/applying-law-school/jd-application-process/jd-application-requirements/academic-record/interpretive), it seems that percent grades from waterloo between 80-84 were converted to a 3.67, albeit this information is from 1971-1999 as no newer information exists. Is there no way to get a better idea of what your CAS gpa would be prior to signing up for CAS?
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