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  1. The prestige of programs at different universities is definitely something I have in mind at the moment. I am tempted to stay at my current institution (tier 2) to continue research with the faculty I am familiar with since the pandemic will probably create barriers in building new connections if schools continue to be online. In order to do economics research, I have definitely completed advanced economics courses, and I have found no difficulties.
  2. I am considering both programs mentioned in the title, and my goal is Bay Street. JD/MBA obviously offers better opportunities for big law, but the main drawback is the cost. JD/MA in Economics would most likely be free at my current university where I am in my fourth year studying economics. I already have a master's thesis proposal from one of my undergraduate classes, and my area of focus is industrial economics (competition, mergers, acquisitions, etc.). Any advice on the better option is appreciated!
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