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  1. Thanks for clarifying how different works in the english language 🙏 . Wasn't really sure tbh
  2. Thanks for clarifying how different works in the english language 🙏 . Wasn't really sure tbh
  3. They have ball hockey world championships? Damn thats kinda dope haha
  4. You have a really good shot. Not sure if your grades are based on the 4.3 scale but they'll use your L2 and LSAT which seem high enough to grant you acceptance at one point or another during the cycle! Good luck!
  5. Hard to say, I'm assuming your CGPA is likely below the median as well. You'd be applying with two stats that are below their respective medians and an LSAT score which is at the median or just above it. You seem to have an upwards trend in your GPA which is always a bonus but i don't think the topic of your PS is going to move the needle in either direction, it's mostly dependant on how well it's written. If you do get accepted it may not be till a bit later in the cycle, best of luck though!
  6. I also do agree with that other comment that LOR won't improve or kill your chances. Likewise with EC lol, no one cares that you played intramural soccer once a week or joined a club in your second year haha. It's mostly based on grades, soft factors are only somewhat important for a borderline applicant, they'll never make or break you
  7. Someone else asked this sorta question before so I'll tell you what I told them. It's pretty obvious when looking at your references who is a prof and who isn't. Your profs are likely "Dr X" and Dr Y", and even if they dont have their PhD, you still have to put their job title in the description so it'll be apparent that they work at your University. The only thing that you should be unsure of is which academic reference Windsor will use of the two. They'll obviously use your boss from the bartending job and one of your profs. If they're both strong as you've mentioned then you really have nothing to worry about
  8. I think you're being hard on yourself. You're clearly capable of getting a higher score so I would absolutely take another shot at the LSAT if I were you. The Flex isn't a disadvantage, i'd argue that it comes with more advantages if anything. If you're scoring a 167 in your practice tests, you're clearly well-rounded in every section, so it really should be to your advantage that you only have 3 sections to do.
  9. Hahah buddy you and i could even chip in 20 playing on McJesus' wing. They overpaid for a 3rd line checking winger
  10. If the waitlists are in fact ranked, that means they have to be re-evaluated by a different group of people because the committee that Ryn sat on supposedly never ranked positions, just who would go on the list itself. This is a little odd as I'm assuming the files would once again have to be re-evaluated by a different set of people? How long would all of this even take if everything would have to be viewed twice in a holistic manner?
  11. According to past threads, if you're waitlisted, your application will be forwarded to "admission officers". If that's the case, how would files be ranked on the waitlist? Are they all reviewed again by a different set of people to determine the waitlist order? Just not really sure how this works once your file goes from the ad com team to the admission officers
  12. Although I believe law school seems cliquey, like most things in life, I don't think this story is a good example. Based on your explanation, you're not being excluded because you're disliked, you're being excluded because you're not comfortable doing stuff that the rest of the group wants to do. If they're going indoors and you're not, and they know you're not gonna go, why would they keep inviting you? Honestly I'm shocked you made the move without expecting to be chilling with your classmates in indoor settings. Didn't you wanna go get drinks with people?
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