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  1. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your kindness and encouragement here.
  2. yes I have. Each time I talked with him, he would be nicer to me for a few days. After that, he would be back to who he is again. I know it's not personal. He treats others in a very harsh way too. He sometimes even talks down to some clients.
  3. Thanks healthlaw. On my articleship form, I signed 10 months. It seems that my principal is satisfied with my work. I hope I can just finish in 5 months but I don't know whether he would allow it then.
  4. Thank you, Canuckfanatic. I really appreciate your advice here.
  5. Just a stressful articling student looking for help here. I am into my third-month articling. I work at a small boutique firm, where we only have one lawyer. I feel so stressful because it is very hard to work with the lawyer. He is basically talking down to me every day and often belittles me in different ways. To make things even worse, he doesn't care so much about some of his clients too. I often finish legal drafting early and wait until his review at the last minute before the deadline. He also has the tendency to shift the blames on me. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. I am not so sure whether as an articling student, we will be liable for any negligence or not. I have been thinking about quitting the job every day. I have talked with my friends and they told me to suck it up and try to finish this, considering the job market. This is a paid position and the pay is decent for a small firm. However, I feel that I have been so depressed since I started to work here. For so many times, I really want to tell my principal that I want to quit. Can anyone tell me if I can quit on my part? What if my principal does not approve of any assignment? Will my almost three-month articling with him be acknowledged by the LSO? Should I quit or I should just suck it up. Please tell me that I am not alone. Thank you.
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