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  1. Do you know total available slots for JD intake? Thanks in advance
  2. In my POV, you are comparing minority/indigenous applicants Vs. "perfect" candidates. Questioning if "minority/Indigenous applicants are also perfect?" sounds off.
  3. Sorry about your rejection. Your stats are competitive! Can I ask if they provided reason for rejection?
  4. May I know the link so I can calculate as well?
  5. Agreed! Although one thing notable, there are a few acceptance posts, but not all accepted applicants would be on this forum. Looks like only one applicant without LSAT is approved this year (at least on this forum). However, when I look across the board most other law schools are as well on the same boat (offers in waves). Certainly, in comparison to previous years this year not much action on accepted thread. I really hope we hear something soon!
  6. I like your idea to email & seek an update. At least, you would have an update instead of us speculating? Iā€™m mature category & usually admissions review last on these Hang in there!
  7. Am I the only one refreshing the acceptance thread ? Anyone knows if we foresee updates post holiday break?
  8. Congratulations šŸŽ‰šŸ‘
  9. None for me! just RFR. Good luck!!! We got this šŸ™Œ
  10. Totally. All I am waiting for is someone opens the Accepted 2021 thread. Praying for all. The waiting game is on!! Let's go....!
  11. Exactly. A bit more communication would be helpful.
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