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  1. Any mature students been contacted for an interview yet? Still RFR here!
  2. Same here. No interview either. I hope we hear back soon! 🤞
  3. Mature here, still RFR.
  4. Did you have French interview?
  5. Do you mind sharing your stats & did you have French interview?
  6. This is terrific info! Folks don’t lose hope, remember when the sun goes down, the stars come out 💫
  7. Surplus? Do you know if McGill already published stats for this cycle being surplus?
  8. Aren’t they like 190 seats in total to be filled up? If say 80 students are accepted, I strongly feel we shouldn’t give up at this point. There is still hope (100+) 🤞
  9. I submitted my app early September, and still RFR.
  10. Mature, still RFR and no interview request.
  11. Is this zoom interview different than the French probe interview?
  12. I aspire to study law one day. Still on waitlist, and thought to ask...what is the exam format like? Is it multiple choice questions based, group projects and research work?
  13. Still RFR I am really anxious as well. Especially, when I see other Canadian law schools seem to fill spots so quickly. The waiting game is on 🥺
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