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  1. I have a previous score on file that makes me competitive for early admission in January for Robson Hall. In an effort to raise my LSAT, I was looking to rewrite in January. Will Robson Hall make a decision based on my current LSAT score assuming it gets me in or will they wait until my rewrite score comes out?
  2. Thanks for replying. I was just looking at a bunch of Vancouver firms and didn't notice a lot of Robson Hall grads. That's probably from self-selection of wanting to remain in Manitoba and whatnot. I guess it's safe to assume that Vancouver law firms don't discriminate against Robson Hall grads? Also, do you have any tips for networking/getting one of those positions? I am willing to travel for interviews/apply etc. but what can I do to raise my chances?
  3. I saw from old threads back in 2010 that no law firms really participate in OCIs at UofM. Has that changed at all recently? If not, what do I do while studying at Robson Hall to try and get either a 1L summer job or 2L summer job back in Vancouver somehow? May not be able to get into any law schools closer to Vancouver so that's out of the equation.
  4. What if your subsequent LSAT is significantly lower? (more than a few points)
  5. Yeah, I shed a few tears. I felt so confident after it too. I'm still honestly confused about what the hell happened lol
  6. What were you PTing at? Just wondering. I experienced a similar drop as well
  7. Damn. I just submit my application yesterday. I can contact the institution to see if it's necessary then I guess. Do you guys think they will they accept the disclosure afterwards?
  8. Awesome thank you. The strong scary language for some of these applications had me overthinking things.
  9. Before I started my undergrad I applied at my backup school and was accepted/paid the deposit. I never paid my tuition or attended classes. Is this something I would also need to disclose on law applications?
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