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  1. Got accepted today! Got an email around 6pm. cGPA 3.55, L2 3.75~, LSAT 167 ECs were nothing exciting and LORs were both academic
  2. Yeah apparently so, I checked a few threads after I saw this post cause I was curious lol and I was pretty surprised. I always assumed schools waited till the end to send out rejections.
  3. I think it depends on the school. If you look on each schools forum you can find the rejection threads and when they started. There are some as early as Feb (Windsor I think) and some later. But keep in mind that not everyone who gets rejected (or accepted) will post on the threads (or are even on this site)
  4. I think typically it takes a few business days. I got accepted to Western on Friday and it doesn't show on OLSAS but I didn't really expect it to yet.
  5. Accepted today! Beyond happy and surprised cGPA: 3.55 L2: 3.75ish LSAT: 167 ECs were average, references were good I think, both academic. Congrats to everyone accepted today! and good luck to everyone waiting! haven't gotten an email yet nor is it on OLSAS, only Western's student centre
  6. LOL ah perfect, hope we both get the requests soon
  7. Anyone else still not have a LSAT score request from Ryerson under the Law School Reports on LSAC? I've gotten it from every school but Queen's and Ryerson.
  8. same thing happens to me, I click on the link and log in and it says I have an invalid username/password but when I click on the link again after having just logged in, it goes straight to the applicant homepage without asking me to log in again or giving me any issues.
  9. In queue as of yesterday, Dec 14. 3.55 OLSAS cGPA / 3.75 L2 / 167 LSAT
  10. Mine changed from Pending Review to Referred- Admissions Committee at some point today. Before today, it had said pending review from the time I got my account. At first the To Do list had a lot of things in there and each one said initiated, then it was only my LSAT and now it's No To Dos Found.
  11. My application status says pending review and has for a long time, but I used to have many things listed under the to-do list, all of them saying initiated and now only have LSAT under there. I don't think my status ever said incomplete or complete, unless I'm looking at the wrong place. I do know that they have requested and received my LSAT score according to LSAC. However, I have taken the LSAT twice so I'm guessing they've processed my first score but not my second. If you can see your score on OLSAS, you should be fine. I imagine their process just takes a while. I would reach out to them again if it isn't up in maybe a week or so, since other people are dealing with the same thing.
  12. No problem. mhm that's a little odd, I took the LSAT in August and Nov and both are under my document tracking. For reports, all the schools I applied to also requested except Ryerson and Queens. I think the LOR ID is an american thing but idk.
  13. Is your LSAT score posted on OLSAS? It's under document tracking. As long as you provided your LSAC account number on OLSAS, you should be good if you're only applying to Ontario schools. I have seen people on different forums talk about Uottawa's site, saying their application says incomplete as well, I would email them to make sure everything is good. You can also see on LSAC's website which schools have requested and received your score. That's under Law School Reports.
  14. No report from Ryerson or Queens for me.
  15. Weird, I didn't realize each school requests it separately, that makes no sense. I'm not in queue but Osgoode requested my score on Dec 3rd and received it on Dec 4th.
  16. GPA's were posted and then removed for everyone I believe. Schools have your transcript so I don't think it's necessary for your GPA to be posted in order to be considered but idk for sure. Some schools calculate their own GPA's anyways.
  17. Oh that makes sense, I would be so happy if my CGPA was higher than I thought Finger's crossed that it was an error and will be higher once they post it. I'm stressed that mine will be lower too, before I saw the posts I was pretty confident that the Law Applicant website was accurate but now...not so much
  18. I didn't get a chance to look at my posted OLSAS CGPA yesterday and now it's not there, I've been seeing some people post that were surprised by their OLSAS CGPA. Did anyone use https://lawapplicants.ca/grade and have a different or the same calculated CGPA posted by OLSAS?
  19. Hello, I owe around $27,000 from my undergrad loans (all OSAP), now I'm trying to decide on how to repay considering I'm hopefully going to law school in 2021 (fingers crossed). Anyone have any advice on if I should try to repay as much as I can for the next year or if I should save as much money as I can and just pay the default monthly amount? Just to be more clear, I can afford to make bigger payments but I can't afford to pay off a whole large chunk or anything. I'm worried that if I use my income to pay back a larger amount than I need to then I wont get enough loans and bursaries to pay for law school since government funding partly depends on your income. However, the daily interest charge is a little painful LOL. (Also, to be honest I'm not very sure if income you have spent makes a significant impact since they also ask for your assets...does anyone know the answer to this? Would really appreciate it) For more context, I've moved back in with my parents so I don't have many expenses and I will continue to live with them if I get into a Toronto school, I do have a full-time job but not the best pay. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello After seeing so many chances posts I couldn't resist posting mine and getting opinions LOL CGPA: 3.54 - L2: 3.75 - LSAT 159, 167 (second) Applied to Ottawa, Ryerson, Windsor, Western, Queen's and Osgoode Don't have the best ECs and I think references are good but both academic.
  21. Have you checked your spam? If you've received other acknowledgments then it should be fine but if you're worried then just email them and ask.
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