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  1. Update, I got waitlisted last week. Not confident that I’ll hear back before my provincial acceptance at western becomes firm. This process has been painfully slow.
  2. How likely do you all think it is to get accepted off of the waitlist before June?
  3. Got waitlisted, saw it today but it's dated yesterday. Only on OASIS, no email. cGPA: 3.55 LSAT: 159, 167 Filled out part b Will wait until the deposit is due, but going to firmly accept Western. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back!
  4. Still haven’t heard anything 😭 Wish they would just give me an acceptance or rejection so I can start planning what I need to do LOL cGPA: 3.55 / LSAT: 159, 167
  5. Anyone know if the waitlist has to be accepted or declined by a certain date? Nothing about it in the letter, I was going to decline it but now I'm having some doubts and want to wait a little. Thanks in advance
  6. Waitlisted on April 6th cGPA:3.55 LSAT: 159, 167 Will be declining the waitlist
  7. I believe the deposit is due on June 1st for most Ontario schools
  8. Not all schools request LSAT scores, they have access to your score through OLSAS but it wouldn't hurt to follow up with them if you want to be sure.
  9. I think the issue with noise can't be fully solved by the library. For studying, sure but for example, one thing I have experienced and would be concerned with happening again is roommates bringing friends over the night before I have an exam. Or being loud when I'm trying to sleep. At the end of the day, it just seems much easier to spend the extra money.
  10. Exactly what I'm thinking. Roommates can be great and definitely help with keeping expenses low but at the end of the day it's such a big risk to be stuck with a bad one and then have to deal with the hassle. Worth the extra debt to live in peace.
  11. Accepted today! Got an email but their website still says Pending. cGPA: 3.55 L2: ~3.75 LSAT - 167
  12. Just realized I got a missed call from uOttawa at around 7:30pm. Anyone else get a call and can share what it was about? I tried calling back but they didn't leave a message so I don't know what their extension number is and no one picked up the general line.
  13. Last year the rejected thread started late April, though I'm not sure if those were the first people rejected or if they were the first to post about it
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