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  1. Yeah I was surprised, thought it would take at least a few days
  2. Well this was my second LSAT so it might be different but mine say 1 report requested and 1 report sent but the dates are early November
  3. Just curious if anyone knows when OLSAS would be requesting the Nov LSAT scores from LSAC
  4. You should try https://lawapplicants.ca/predictor if you haven't already
  5. It's usually posted a tiny bit before 9. So like 8:50 ish
  6. I would keep it if I were you. Even if your practice scores are always higher, you can never predict what will happen during your next test and it's risky since you have already applied. I think all ON schools take the highest one anyways.
  7. Sorry! I commented on the wrong thread, I got mine from Osgoode and Western yesterday, nothing from Queens yet!
  8. Mine does the same thing, I'm assuming it will actually take the 24 hours to activate
  9. My application says that Uottawa has gotten my LSAT results and that my application is under evaluation. But I retook the LSAT in Nov and still don't have my score. I did add the date to my OLSAS account. Just wanted to see if anyone else's application for Uottawa also said complete and under evaluation even if they're second/future LSAT scores aren't in yet.
  10. I was worried about the same things. I just did my interview. The practice doesn't automatically lead to the actual interview. You can practice as many times as you would like before going to the interview. Just note that the practice gives you more prep time than the actual thing. I believe 1 min vs 30 seconds. Good luck!
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